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Flexibility and scalability for training providers

Aptem solutions to training provider challenges

Differentiate and compete

Aptem customers can deliver programmes in a way that creates a unique value proposition.

Beyond an apprenticeship

One system that can be tailored to deliver across multiple funding streams - AEB, Bootcamps, commercial learning and Employability.

One version of the truth

Your data is in one place and Aptem contains embedded Power BI reports and operational dashboards to easily access it.

Ofsted and ESFA requirements

Structured to map and evidence learning to KSBs. Built-in ILR and EPA.

Want a quick overview?

The industry as a whole is constantly evolving, as evidenced by the significant changes to the funding rules in August 2022. Layer that with our curriculum demands, client requirements and growth ambitions. We needed a system that is agile and a team behind it that can react quickly.

Richard Bridge

Director of Learning Technology

We were impressed by the functionality that Aptem offered, as well as the robust plans for future development and its potential as a system that could grow with our organisation. In terms of the support you get from Aptem, you couldn’t fault it.

Natalie Hare

Head of Operations

We chose to work with Aptem, after looking at several alternatives, as the entire learning journey (from sign-up through to EPA) is embedded into the platform. This saved us money as we could consolidate a number of existing systems into one. Additionally, the investment required demonstrated exceptional value for money and the level of customer service is refreshingly ‘on it’.

James Taylor

Commercial Director

Aptem’s end-to-end design has helped to streamline our processes and workflows, and removes complexity from our delivery. Without the need for multiple systems to manage our programmes, we’re able to improve administrative efficiency, refine our programmes, and provide a better learner experience.

Chris Garnett

Quality Assurance Coordinator

I cannot stress enough how impactful it’s been pushing everything into Aptem and making it a one-stop shop, particularly for the learner.  Our learners are telling us that it is easy to use, great to track their progress and full of all the information they need. Since moving to Aptem, satisfaction with learning technology has improved by 6%. The end result of this is that 90% of achievers state that ‘their performance has improved as a result of achieving their apprenticeship’. Read the case study

Dom Wilkinson

Product Owner, Lifetime Training

There were several factors involved in our decision to purchase Aptem: the ability to use the same system for multiple programmes types – apprenticeships, bootcamps etc; ability to integrate with other technology such as Zoom, functional skills and cognitive assessment; access for all roles within our organisation; off-the-shelf integrated Power BI dashboards; the flexibility for trainers to deliver personalised learner journeys.

Trevor Yoxall

General Manager

Product features

Standard features

Aptem Apprentice standard features diagram

Features that set Aptem apart

What makes Aptem Apprentice the best choice?

Built-in cognitive assessment

Aptem Assess is an integrated cognitive assessment tool that enables you to seamlessly identify and respond to learning needs. 

  • Integrate cognitive assessment into your onboarding process or where needed in the delivery programme. 
  • Offer 87% of learners an experience that takes no more than 15 minutes. 
  • Complete assessments on your learners’ chosen device – mobile, tablet or desktop. 
  • Obtain guidance on reasonable adjustments for Learning Plans and End Point Assessments.
  • Access learning support materials via the Aptem Resource Centre.
Watch our video
Aptem Assessments Overview on laptop and mobile


Q. Can we brand the system by adding in our logos?

Yes, you can add in both yours and your employer’s logos.

Q. Can I change the language or terminology in the system?

Yes, you can change the terminology in many areas of the platform. For example, if your organisation refers to a learner as a student, or a coach as a trainer.

Q. Can I change a learning plan mid-programme?

Yes, you can make ad hoc changes throughout a programme and apply these at an individual, cohort or programme level: a just-in-time approach.

Q. Can I see how much my funding allowance will be for the next month and future months?

Yes, this information is available within the built-in Power BI Funding Dashboard.

Q. Can I use Aptem for subcontracting and use multiple UKPRNs?

Yes, enabling you to manage elements such as multiple ILR returns, reflect your organisation’s delivery model inside Aptem using Group Structures, and make operational efficiencies by using Aptem to manage changes via workflows.

Further questions?

We know it’s important that your delivery system meets your unique needs. We're here to help.


In partnership

As an Aptem customer, you are supported throughout your journey, firstly by a dedicated Implementation Consultant, followed by access to a Customer Success Manager.

Regular product training sessions ensure you continually optimise your use of Aptem Apprentice. We publish a roadmap detailing how we are improving and enhancing our products.

Aptem’s in-person customer support is available to Aptem Superusers at the end of the phone or via Aptem’s Support Ticket system, and the Aptem Help Centre enables self-service. We also publish a live status page for Aptem products. 

Backed up by a team of over 60 developers, you can trust that we have the resource and expertise to deal with your queries.

In partnership

Aptem customers are supported throughout their journey, firstly by a dedicated Implementation Consultant, followed by a Customer Success Manager.

Fortnightly product training sessions ensure you continually optimise your use of Aptem Apprentice.

Aptem’s in-person customer support is available at the end of the phone or via Aptem’s Support Ticket system, and the Aptem Help Centre enables self-service.

Backed up by a team of over 60 developers, you can trust that we have the resource and expertise to deal with your queries.

Case studies

Lifetime Training

Hear how the successful switch to Aptem is enabling the UK’s largest Independent Training Provider, Lifetime Training, to put its 17,000 learners at the heart of its apprenticeship provision, while realising valuable productivity improvements across the business.

“I cannot stress enough how impactful it’s been pushing everything into Aptem and making it a one-stop shop, particularly for the learner.” Dom Wilkinson, Product Owner, Lifetime Training

Aptem case study on Ensis Solutions

Ensis Solutions

Find out how working with Aptem has enabled Ensis Solutions to put curriculum at the heart of the learner journey, by designing a ‘one-stop shop’ for apprentices to enrol, learn and engage throughout their apprenticeship.

‘One of our Skills Coaches noted that she now gets around 50% fewer emails since the introduction of Aptem. Using Aptem’s messaging has opened up conversations that would never have happened prior to Aptem, with Skills Coaches more readily able to share guidance and delve deeper into how learners are applying their learning in the day-to-day.’ Katie Thornton, Head of Quality and Curriculum, Ensis Solutions

Corndel renewal

See how Corndel approached its decision to renew with Aptem and why the system remains the appropriate choice for their next stage in business and apprenticeship delivery.

“We are already seeing the value of Aptem through financial and efficiency gains and our team are really positive about the system. We’re on a journey and we’re looking forward to the coming years working in partnership with the Aptem team.”

booklet for Aptem's Corndel case study

BMS Progress

BMS Progress were searching for an end-to-end apprenticeship delivery system to help simplify the compliance aspects, customise programmes at scale and system that would ultimately support their growth ambitions.

We were looking for a system that would support our delivery of apprenticeships from start to finish. At that point, we were new to apprenticeships and wanted a system that would manage the process for us, making sure we didn’t miss anything. Aptem was the obvious solution. We now just use one system to manage the full process, from onboarding through to reporting.” Emily Bowler, MIS and Data Manager, BMS Progress


Implementing a solution that can be used across multiple programme types, including AEB and Apprenticeships.

“Aptem has allowed us to merge our MIS and our learner portfolio systems into one place, so we can now truly go out and say we have an end-to-end system for our learners and employers, which is great for apprenticeships. From a management perspective, it’s given us access to a huge swathe of live reports, something we didn’t have before. And that allows us to have real-time reporting and real-time performance management of our staff.” Ryan Palmer, Director of Quality and Impact at Central YMCA

Efficiency and consistency through open-API standards

A single source of data that works across the entire delivery is essential to achieve accuracy and ‘one version of the truth’. Aptem offers a range of standard integrations: EPA Pro, Skills Forward, BKSB, Cognassist, EQUAL, NAS, and PRaPAdditionally, we have an open API for third-party systems to integrate with. Our current customers have integrated the likes of Salesforce, SITS, Banner, Quercus, Tribal ebs, and customer websites. We are also offering a Communications Connector with Microsoft Teams.

Aptem supports Single Sign On, so once you are in a system you can access Aptem without additional log-ins. Aptem enhances security by using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and also supports Multi-Factor Verification (MFV) for document signing.

Strategic decision-making using data

When you use Aptem your data is held centrally, allowing you to easily report and analyse. There are a number of built-in reporting tools along with more detailed Power BI Dashboards within Aptem and we’re adding to these all the time.

Aptem Intelligence Dashboard

Synonymous with Aptem’s data-driven approach, the Aptem Intelligence Dashboard turns ESFA apprenticeship reporting data into useful, digestible reports, using Power BI.

It is a repository of sector expertise allowing Apprenticeship providers to view competitive market positions, identify opportunities, and make data-driven strategic decisions. It is available for everyone to use.


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