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Aptem – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Welcome to the Aptem Apprenticeship Management FAQ. We hope to have answered most of the common questions asked in our responses below. If you do not see the answer you are looking for, please get in touch

What is Aptem? 

Aptem is a cloud-based software platform. It was designed to support the delivery of apprenticeships, vocational training and employability services. 

What services does Aptem offer? 

Aptem is a SaaS provider, with a range of products including Aptem Apprentice, Aptem Skills, Aptem Enrol, Aptem Employ, Aptem Assess and Aptem Commercial. 

How well supported are the Aptem products? 

Aptem customers benefit from excellent support. This includes a dedicated Implementation Consultant, followed by a Customer Success Manager. Regular product training sessions ensure you continually optimise your use of Aptem.

Aptem’s UK-based, in-person customer support is available at the end of the phone or via Aptem’s Support Ticket system, and the Aptem Help Centre enables self-service. Backed up by a team of over 60 developers, you can trust that we have the resource and expertise to deal with your queries. 

Does Aptem have a development roadmap? 

Yes, Aptem publishes a product development roadmap – showing what’s in progress, what’s coming up, and what has recently been completed. The roadmap allows Aptem to open up a practical dialogue with customers about the problems they would like to be solved.

How can Aptem help apprenticeship training providers? 

Aptem can help apprentice training providers streamline their operations, improve the quality of their training programmes, prioritise compliance, and enhance the learning experience for their apprentices.  

How can universities benefit from Aptem? 

Aptem can help universities deliver higher and degree level apprenticeship programmes that meet the needs of industry, while providing the necessary support and resources for students.  

What colleges can use Aptem? 

Aptem is suitable for any college that delivers apprenticeships and vocational training, regardless of size or specialism.  

How can Aptem help employer providers on APAR? 

Aptem can help employer providers manage their apprenticeship programmes more efficiently, improve the quality of their training, and monitor the progress of their apprentices.  

How does Aptem help in skills development? 

Aptem Skills is a complete solution to enhance AEB, Bootcamp and commercial learning delivery. From employer/candidate pre-enrolment features and recruitment, through to administration, learning, funding, and reporting, Aptem Skills addresses it all in one, easy-to-use interface.  

Does Aptem support employability providers? 

Yes, Aptem supports employability providers with its unique, award-winning platform. Aptem Employ is a pioneering system that combines powerful case management functionality with a self-service jobseeker portal. The combination of these two things gets people back into the workplace quickly. Providers can support more jobseekers into employment. Jobseekers can quickly and easily find a new, often better, role. Funders can see the value being delivered by their supply chain. 

What are the advantages of using Aptem? 

The advantages of using Aptem include increased efficiency, improved quality of training, enhanced compliance, and greater support for learners and job-seekers. It’s underpinned by a 60-strong software development team and 24/7 support resources. 

What is Aptem Assess? 

Aptem Assess is an integrated cognitive assessment tool that enables you to seamlessly identify and respond to learning needs. It enables you to integrate cognitive assessment into your onboarding process. Available on all devices, it offers 87% of learners an experience that takes no more than 15 minutes. It offers providers valuable guidance on reasonable adjustments for Learning Plans and End Point Assessment.  

Can Aptem support commercial course management? 

Yes, Aptem Commercial is a course management solution to help universities, training providers and colleges better manage and track the performance of CPD, short courses and commercial offerings. It’s a user-friendly system that helps you delight employers and learners with a slick user experience, and drive conversions.

With Aptem Commercial, you can easily create, publish and manage your course listings. You can automate bookings, payments and admin tasks. Through built-in reports, users can get more clarity on the performance and value of their commercial offering.  

Who are Aptem’s customers? 

Aptem’s award-winning platform is trusted by nearly 200 training providers, universities, colleges, employer providers, and 100,000 users across the UK. You can see a list of customers on the our customers page.  

Does Aptem receive good reviews? 

Aptem has a loyal and growing customer-base. It publishes many customer testimonials and case studies on its website.

How much does Aptem cost? 

Aptem’s pricing structure depends on a range of factors, including the size of the organisation and the specific features and services required. Our team is highly consultative, ensuring that your purchase decision is well-informed and suitable for your needs. 

Can Aptem be customised to suit specific requirements? 

Yes, Aptem can be customised to suit the specific needs of each individual organisation. It’s one of the key benefits of using Aptem over other apprenticeship management systems, enabling customers to tailor their programmes, differentiate themselves and deliver learning under a range of funding streams. 

What type of apprenticeship training can be managed through Aptem? 

Aptem can be used to manage apprenticeships across a range of sectors and industries, from desk-based programmes such as data analytics and management, to field-based programmes such as childcare, hospitality, and policing. It’s a flexible system that enables you to deliver high-quality, tailored programmes, whilst ensuring efficiency and compliance.  

How does Aptem help with tracking apprentices’ progress? 

Aptem provides a range of tools and resources to help track the progress of apprentices, including Skills Radar (assessment tool that can be set up for an administrator, a learner and an employer to complete) and fully customisable Tripartite Review functionality in order to be able to demonstrate distance travelled. Providers can use Aptem’s fully integrated learning management system and a content delivery mechanism through the e-portfolio, to monitor how learners are progressing.

Can Aptem be integrated with other systems? 

Yes, Aptem offers a range of standard integrations that include BKSB, Skills Forward, Learning Records Service and Cognassist, and a Communications Connector with MS Teams. Additionally, we have open APIs for third-party systems. Our current customers have integrated the likes of Salesforce, SITS, Banner, Quercus, and customer websites. Aptem supports Single Sign On, so once you are in a system you can access Aptem without additional log-ins. 

Thanks for reading through the Aptem Apprenticeship Management FAQ. If you’d like to learn about how Aptem can add value to your business, get in touch with our team and we’ll be more than happy to help.  

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