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Aptem Skills is our award winning end-to-end delivery platform that enables fully compliant AEB course delivery and accelerates re-employment.

The all-in-one platform that delivers skills training and job search support.

Aptem Skills manages fully compliant enrolment, delivers blended learning training programmes, and has a wealth of job search resources to enable re-employment. After using Aptem Skills, users are:
  • 67% jobseekers more likely to get a job
  • 73% more likely to remain in work after 4 weeks
  • 67% more likely to remain in work after 12 weeks
  • 53% more likely to remain in work after 26 weeks
  • 92% of successful jobseekers say Aptem Skills helped them be successful

Award-winning quality


EducationInvestor Awards

eLearning Awards

IT Training Award

Aptem Skills enables delivery of Adult Education Budget training courses:

  • Delivery of multiple Aims – supports delivery of one or more component aims within a programme, including work placements.
  • Remote eligibility checking and enrolment - including IA and RPL.
  • BKSB and Forward Skills Integration – electronic and remote Initial Assessment, Diagnostics and single-sign-on for a seamless user experience.
  • Attendance tracking - remote sessions automatically track attendance.
  • Delivers full SCORM eLearning – upload or create SCORM compliant ‘Digital Learning’.
  • Integrated Zoom – for remote support and webinars​​.
  • ILR management and batch file generation​
  • Aggregated vacancies - hundreds of thousands of aggregated and deduplicated current vacancies from just about every UK job board and numerous employer websites, auto-matched with auto-generated alerts on local job availability.
  • Supports sequential Aims​ – with minimal administration​​​.
  • Powerful integrated Power BI dashboards
  • Learner portal - containing comprehensive learner employability resources​.
  • Sophisticated CV Builder​
  • Employability eLearning – categorised plus also as a qualification​.
  • Remote reviews via Zoom
  • Full qualification IQA and EQA processes

Designed to make your job easier.

Aptem Skills is a complete end-to-end vocational training delivery and employability platform. We are helping numerous providers across the UK to improve their delivery and we can help you too.

Aptem Skills for Traineeships

Aptem Skills supports delivery of Traineeships, streamlined and delivered through our single system. We offer a simple charging structure: Flat fee per person, charged at the point of enrolment. 
  • Enrolment
  • Delivery of learning
  • Work placement scheduling
  • Feedback


Aptem Skills offers a range of eLearning courses to support the delivery of your employability programmes.
You can customise your delivery utilising online learning and assessment, whilst still meeting your awarding organisations requirements.

Our award winning platform is trusted by training providers and colleges across the UK:

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