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The industry as a whole is constantly evolving, as evidenced by the significant changes to the funding rules in August 2022. Layer that with our curriculum demands, client requirements and growth ambitions. We needed a system that is agile and a team behind it that can react quickly.

Richard Bridge

Director of Learning Technology

I cannot stress enough how impactful it’s been pushing everything into Aptem and making it a one-stop shop, particularly for the learner. Our learners are telling us that it is easy to use, great to track their progress and full of all the information they need. Since moving to Aptem, satisfaction with learning technology has improved by 6%. The end result of this is that 90% of achievers state that ‘their performance has improved as a result of achieving their apprenticeship’.

Dom Wilkinson

Product Owner

Over the past couple of years we have greatly increased our use of the system. We now use Aptem as our primary recruitment tool. The system monitors and records attendance across all apprenticeship programmes. We use SCORM within Aptem to create digital learning, and capture what students are doing post-completion of their degree apprenticeship. The system is great. It’s easy to use and intuitive. We love the new console. It’s cleaner and easier to navigate. We have received very positive feedback from our students and employers.

Steven Willis

CAS Operations Manager, Middlesex University

With Aptem, all departments will be able to use a single platform, with consistent processes and structure of logging activities. We were particularly impressed by the enrolment functionality within Aptem, with its ease of use for both apprentices and trainers. We can now report on one platform on all areas of the apprenticeship provision, which has a huge impact on our ability to scale and make data-driven decisions.

Suki Rai

Vice Principal, Funding, Data & Compliance

Aptem has allowed us to merge our MIS and our learner portfolio systems into one place, so we can now truly go out and say we have an end-to-end system for our learners and employers. It has also given us our first foray into ePortfolios for our education learners, so that’s a huge step forward. We now have real-time reporting and real-time performance management of our staff.

Ryan Palmer

Director of Quality and Impact, YMCA

Over time we are customising the system to our requirements. The flexibility of this system is invaluable to us and it has helped us to improve our systems and processes. Issuing and tracking compliance documents has been so much easier – our Compliance Officer loves Aptem. She can see everything in one place and the status of each item. Overall it’s very easy to use the system and find the things we need.

Dominic Scott

CRM/LMS Manager, Bradford College


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