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Case studies

Discover how we work in partnership with our customers to resolve their issues, and help them to meet their strategic goals

University of Portsmouth

Find out how Aptem has transformed apprenticeship management and oversight at the University of Portsmouth. 

“Getting the right technology in place is a critical piece of the quality jigsaw. Since the introduction of Aptem, we’re already seeing increases in pass rates for those learners who began their apprenticeship journey with Aptem.” Claire Middleton, Degree Apprenticeship Manager, University of Portsmouth

Aston University

How adopting an ROI and Critical Success Factors approach to selection and implementation has paid dividends for Aston University.

“In Aptem, we found a tool that is truly adding value to the service that we’re delivering. From what I see in the industry, those that have chosen Aptem are thriving in their apprenticeship delivery as a result.” Terry Hodgetts, Director of Corporate Client Solutions, Aston University

London South Bank University

Learners start using online apprenticeship management system on day one of their programme.

“LSBU has gone from learners having to wait up to five months to start using an online apprenticeship management system, to having it available on day one of their programme. That makes a huge impact on their engagement and progress.” Sammy Shummo, Group Director of Apprenticeships, LSBU

Ensis Solutions

Find out how working with Aptem has enabled Ensis Solutions to put curriculum at the heart of the learner journey, by designing a ‘one-stop shop’ for apprentices to enrol, learn and engage throughout their apprenticeship.

‘One of our Skills Coaches noted that she now gets around 50% fewer emails since the introduction of Aptem. Using Aptem’s messaging has opened up conversations that would never have happened prior to Aptem, with Skills Coaches more readily able to share guidance and delve deeper into how learners are applying their learning in the day-to-day.’ Katie Thornton, Head of Quality and Curriculum, Ensis Solutions

Aptem case study on Ensis Solutions
booklet for Aptem's Corndel case study

Corndel renewal

See how Corndel approached the decision to renew with Aptem, and why the system remains the appropriate choice to support their relentless focus on high-quality programme delivery.

“The industry as a whole is constantly evolving, as evidenced by the significant changes to the funding rules in August 2022. Layer that with our curriculum demands, client requirements and growth ambitions. We needed a system that is agile and a team behind it that can react quickly.” Richard Bridge, Director of Learning Technology at Corndel

Steve Willis

Hear how Steve Willis Training Centres moved from a variety of systems, manual processes and paper-based portfolios to a slick and scalable digital experience for learners and tutors.

“Choosing Aptem was a strategic decision related to the direction of our business. We need a system that we can customise and that can grow with us over the years. An ‘out of the box’ solution wasn’t going to meet our ambitions. Aptem was not the cheapest option, but it was the one that would deliver us the greatest value over time and meet our KPIs.David King, Aptem Project Lead, Steve Willis Training

Steve Willis training centres Aptem case study booklet

BMS Progress

BMS Progress was searching for an end-to-end apprenticeship delivery system to help simplify the compliance aspects, customise programmes at scale and support its growth ambitions.

We were looking for a system that would support our delivery of apprenticeships from start to finish. At that point, we were new to apprenticeships and wanted a system that would manage the process for us, making sure we didn’t miss anything. Aptem was the obvious solution. We now just use one system to manage the full process, from onboarding through to reporting.” Emily Bowler, MIS and Data Manager, BMS Progress

Resolve ASB

New to apprenticeships Resolve ASB were looking for a system that evidenced their high quality, professional approach, and an expert partnership to help them launch their trailblazing new apprenticeship.

“Delivering an apprenticeship programme – especially a new standard – is challenging for the most experienced apprenticeship providers, but when you are new to apprenticeships and setting everything up for the first time the pressure is much higher. We drew up a set of requirements that mattered most to us and set about procuring a system and resource to meet our needs.” Anne Gronan, Project and Partnerships Lead, Resolve ASB

Haddon Training

Increased employer engagement after implementing Aptem.

“We were impressed by the functionality that Aptem offered, as well as the robust plans for future development and its potential as a system that could grow with our organisation.” Natalie Hare, Head of Operations, Haddon Training

Edge Hill University

How an excellent approach to change management resulted in quick and successful implementation of Aptem Apprentice.

“There were a number of factors that contributed to our selection of Aptem Apprentice. Ease of use, easy to navigate, easy access to reports and the ability to create bespoke reports, were among our highest priorities. We also needed the ability to create reviews, placements and workshops.” Joanne Sage, Compliance Manager, Edge Hill University

Bradford College

The importance of an end-to-end apprenticeship delivery approach for Colleges.

“The flexibility of this system is invaluable to us and has helped us to improve our systems and processes. The support we’ve received from Aptem has been and continues to be fantastic.” Dominic Scott, CRM/LMS Manager, Bradford College

Leeds Beckett

The plug in and go ILR that transformed a manual process that took a month, into one that takes seconds.

“We chose Aptem having assessed a number of systems, because of its vast capability. The breadth of what it can do is impressive and it could properly integrate with our student record system – Banner. Many of the other systems we looked at offered workarounds rather than a full integration. Additionally the capabilities of other systems were narrower than Aptem.” Ian Maude, Head of Apprenticeships, Leeds Beckett University

Keele University

The ability to scale – a prerequisite for a leading provider of degree apprenticeships. Keele University chose Aptem Apprentice because of its deep functionality and the fact that it could interface with their Student Records System.

“Aptem provides a range of functionality which is always being developed – our usage can grow to meet the changing needs of our provision.” Lou Taylor-Murison, Head of Apprenticeships and Experiential Learning, Keele University


Implementing a solution that can be used across multiple programmes types, including AEB and Apprenticeships.

“The fact that we went live on the day we committed to going live was, for us, a great achievement, particularly given the complexities of the build. From a management perspective, it has given us access to a huge swathe of live reports, something we didn’t have before. And that allows us to have real-time reporting and real-time performance management of our staff.” Ryan Palmer, Director of Quality and Impact, Central YMCA

Aptem apprentice case study booklet

Middlesex University

A partnership approach that has gone from strength to strength, over the years.

“Aptem holds the key to enrolling at our university for all apprenticeships. The system is great. It’s easy to use and intuitive. We love the new console. It’s cleaner and easy to navigate. We have received very positive feedback from our students and employers.” Steven Willis, CAS Operations Manager, Middlesex University


Lifetime’s approach to procuring an apprenticeship delivery system.

“At Lifetime we believe that everyone deserves to learn the skills they need to reach their full potential, and we want to make sure that our technology solutions support this vision for every learner. Having completed an in-depth review of the market, we know Aptem is a platform that will enhance our ability to provide an exceptional learning experience for our learners.” Carl Cornish, Chief Operations Officer, Lifetime Training

Nottingham University

Sharing advice on successfully implementing Aptem Apprentice.

“We are very happy that we selected Aptem Apprentice. The programme director can log on and assess the application suitability and take it from there, which saves a lot of time. Having the top-level overview of our apprentice’s progress and the ability to generate reports is great. The ILR functionality is incredibly invaluable. This flexible system saves us considerable time and effort and delivers a high level of insight.” Ruth Eccles, Head of Professional and Workplace Learning, University of Nottingham

We are Digital

Reducing the administration burden using Aptem Skills.

“Whilst investigating the market requirement, it became clear that Aptem was a standout candidate in terms of bringing it all together and reducing the administrative burden. They truly understood our position and needs as a new entrant to the market.” Lewis Small, Project Manager, We Are Digital

Learning Curve Group

The importance of a remote onboarding solution.

“Aptem Enrol is user-friendly, flexible and allows for compliant remote-onboarding. We anticipate that it will save us administrative time and money and save on mileage and printing costs, meaning that all-important first meeting with the learner can be focused on teaching and learning.” Daniel Dowson, Director of Funding and MIS, Learning Curve Group

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