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Whilst a positive employment outcome is the principle goal for employability providers, the most important factor is sustained employment.
This research demonstrates that enabling jobseeker self-service with active supervision by an advisor very substantially increases the number of people securing jobs and then staying in these jobs. These results were achieved across the spectrum of jobseekers, including the very long term unemployed and hardest to help.
In the research we cover:
  • Revenue potential if using Aptem Employ
  • Sustained employment outcomes using Aptem Employ
  • The impact of geography on sustained employment


The Pulse, Winter 2020

In the Winter 2020 edition of The Pulse, we are delighted to offer our view of the 2020 apprenticeship landscape, an interview with Vikki Liogier, National Head of EdTech and Digital Skills at the Education and Training Foundation, and the latest exciting Aptem product and company developments.

The Pulse, Autumn 2019

In the Autumn 2019 edition of The Pulse, we are delighted to offer news and product updates, as well as an insightful interview with Chris Jones, Her Majesty’s Inspector – Specialist Adviser for Apprenticeships.

The Pulse, Spring 2019

In the Spring 2019 edition of The Pulse, we are delighted to offer news and product updates, as well as an interesting interview with UVAC’s Mandy Crawford-Lee.

The Pulse, Winter 2019

In this edition of The Pulse, we are delighted to offer news updates, an analysis of the levy shortfall and a great interview with Mark Dawe of the AELP, as well as Aptem product and team developments.

The Pulse, Autumn 2018

We are pleased to share with you the first of our quarterly newsletters, where we will be keeping you informed on Aptem developments and sharing useful resources that will help you make the most of your chosen delivery platform.


The Challenge of College Enrolment

Colleges are experiencing higher rates of enrolment than ever before and as we approach winter, it’s still unclear whether we’ll be forced to re-introduce measures to control the spread of coronavirus. This means enrolment processes may need to be conducted remotely and thanks to digital solutions, like Aptem Enrol, this is easily done.

Our latest article looks at the challenge of college enrolment and how colleges, students, and employers nationwide benefit from a single, remote enrolment solution.

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Digitalising employment services to survive local authority budget cuts

Local authorities around the country are struggling to meet budget-cut demands as they struggle to make do with much less and residents feel the impact. The digitalisation of employability services will be key as local authorities and housing associations struggle to provide the same support as they did pre-pandemic, and for an increased number of jobseekers.

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First findings ahead of the furlough scheme ending

The government’s furlough scheme is scheduled to finish at the end of September. As we near that date, we take a look at hopes, fears and predictions for the millions of people still being supported by the scheme, and the steps the government can take to safeguard the recovery of our economy.

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