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Tips, resources, sector challenges and the best ways to overcome them.


Our eBook introduces you to a general overview of what you need to know to apply to the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP). The booklet also signposts you to key government links in the application process.

This short eBook will point out the issues that any prospective employer or training provider seeking to hire or train apprentices will need to know. It will also show how Aptem can help you deliver apprenticeships efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our eBook provides a broad introduction to compliance in apprenticeships and covers key topics including The organisations involved in quality control and Compliance and the learner journey.

This eBook provides FE Colleges with an introduction to apprenticeships and 10 best practice principles and steps to successful implementation of apprenticeship programmes.

White Papers

The Top Ten Apprenticeship Pinch Points for Independent Training Providers and How Aptem Can Help

In this white paper, we have analysed Ofsted reports, Companies House information and have drawn on our own broad range of contacts to identify the top pinch points that ITPs experience and how Aptem can help. 

It is increasingly understood that educational technology is becoming a necessity; not only because it saves on administration costs, but because learners expect high-quality technology that delivers a better learning experience. 

Here are the top ten issues where Aptem can improve performance, both for your business and for regulatory compliance. 

University Challenge: Making Apprenticeships Work in Higher Education.

It is critical that the university sector position themselves at the heart of the government’s apprenticeship strategy.

Universities need to understand the distinct challenges presented by the apprenticeship regulation and compliance system.

This white paper outlines the pinch points that universities might encounter as it seeks to adopt and expand apprenticeship programmes. In addition, it looks at what solutions are on offer to improve the efficiency, cost-savings and data accumulation necessary to meet government requirements.

What Degree and Master’s Apprenticeships Offer the Russell Group.

Degree and master’s apprenticeships are a fast-growing area of apprenticeship training, rising from 7.4% of new starts in 2016-17 to 17.5% of new starts in 2018-19. But do apprenticeships work for the Russell Group?

Despite its primarily academic mission, we argue in this white paper that universities within the Russell Group have some unique advantages when it comes to capitalising on some degree and master’s apprenticeships. And, in turn, how these apprenticeships offer the Russell Group some crucial benefits.

In the white paper we cover:

  • How apprenticeships are related to the academic mission of top-level universities
  • In what ways apprenticeships leverage the expertise of Russell Group universities
  • Why apprenticeships help with student employability and widening participation
  • How apprenticeships connect universities to local and national economic strategies


The Pulse, Winter 2020

In the Winter 2020 edition of The Pulse, we are delighted to offer our view of the 2020 apprenticeship landscape, an interview with Vikki Liogier, National Head of EdTech and Digital Skills at the Education and Training Foundation, and the latest exciting Aptem product and company developments.

The Pulse, Autumn 2019

In the Autumn 2019 edition of The Pulse, we are delighted to offer news and product updates, as well as an insightful interview with Chris Jones, Her Majesty’s Inspector – Specialist Adviser for Apprenticeships.

The Pulse, Spring 2019

In the Spring 2019 edition of The Pulse, we are delighted to offer news and product updates, as well as an interesting interview with UVAC’s Mandy Crawford-Lee.

The Pulse, Winter 2019

In this edition of The Pulse, we are delighted to offer news updates, an analysis of the levy shortfall and a great interview with Mark Dawe of the AELP, as well as Aptem product and team developments.

The Pulse, Autumn 2018

We are pleased to share with you the first of our quarterly newsletters, where we will be keeping you informed on Aptem developments and sharing useful resources that will help you make the most of your chosen delivery platform.


Funding Apprenticeships After Levy Overspend

Apprenticeship numbers are falling, but the Institute for Apprenticeships calculates that the levy will be overspent. What’s going on, and what should the government do about it? Richard Alberg, CEO of MWS Technology, discusses the options.

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Will The New RoATP Guidelines Drive Up Quality?

The ESFA recently announced more stringent rules to get on, and stay on, the RoATP. Will they work? Deborah Talbot takes a look at what’s changed. Since the UK government created the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP) in March 2017, concerns…

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Smart Machines Can Transform Apprenticeships

Artificial intelligence, or the rise of the smart machine, is the stuff of science fiction. But applying machine learning to apprenticeships can deliver a better learning experience, argues Mark Abrahams, Head of Research at MWS Technology.

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Better The Devil You Know?

When we speak to providers about their apprenticeship delivery systems, we do sometimes encounter the phrase immortalised by that global pop sensation, Kylie Minogue: ‘Better the devil you know’.

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