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From training providers to employers, and from colleges to universities, Aptem Apprentice makes life easier for providers, learners and employers. Aptem Apprentice solves many of the challenges surrounding delivery of higher level apprenticeships in universities.

We have a rapidly growing university client base, including:

How Aptem supports Ofsted requirements for Universities

This video summarises how Universities can use Aptem to support their Ofsted requirements. It explores a number of key areas, including: 

University Challenge: Making Apprenticeships Work in Higher Education.

It is critical that the university sector positions itself at the heart of the government’s apprenticeship strategy.

Universities need to understand the distinct challenges presented by the apprenticeship regulation and compliance system.

This white paper outlines the pinch points that universities might encounter as they seek to adopt and expand apprenticeship programmes. In addition, it looks at what solutions are on offer to improve the efficiency, cost-savings and data accumulation necessary to meet government requirements.

What Degree and Master’s Apprenticeships Offer the Russell Group.

Degree and master’s apprenticeships are a fast-growing area of apprenticeship training, rising from 7.4% of new starts in 2016-17 to 17.5% of new starts in 2018-19. But do apprenticeships work for the Russell Group?

Despite its primarily academic mission, we argue in this white paper that universities within the Russell Group have some unique advantages when it comes to capitalising on some degree and master’s apprenticeships. And, in turn, how these apprenticeships offer the Russell Group some crucial benefits.

In the white paper we cover:

  • How apprenticeships are related to the academic mission of top-level universities
  • In what ways apprenticeships leverage the expertise of Russell Group universities
  • Why apprenticeships help with student employability and widening participation
  • How apprenticeships connect universities to local and national economic strategies

We understand the challenges universities face surrounding higher level apprenticeships:

Multiple existing systems

You need to communicate with existing systems. Use our APIs for university systems whilst making the most of Aptem’s apprenticeship features.

Working with employers

Working with employers brings with it the need to pass data audits. Aptem Apprentice stores all learner information in a single place which eliminates data complexity and makes passing audits easy.

The Individualised Learning Record (ILR)

Apprenticeship delivery means additional processes and systems, for example submitting ILRs for funding, so avoiding duplication is important. Aptem Apprentice streamlines processes, eliminating repetition, duplication and errors, with tools like automatic ILR validation and the Onboarding Wizard.

Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs)

Copying materials between full-time student VLEs and apprentice VLEs is time consuming. Aptem Apprentice integrates with existing VLEs, linking learning delivery to the Skills, Knowledge and Behaviours of the Apprenticeship Standard and automatically tracks progression. By keeping existing VLE setups, and linking assets, it saves considerable time and effort.

End-point assessment (EPA)

Learning delivery takes many forms, from lectures to workshops to eLearning – you need to capture and map evidence. Assessments can be created in Aptem Apprentice with ease, with automatic evidence capture including links to external assessments to produce an ePortfolio for End Point Assessment.

Progress Tracking & Reporting

From keeping everyone on track, to maintaining quality control and individual performance, our progress reporting and Predictive QAR® make spotting problems and fine tuning your programmes a snap. 

How does Aptem Apprentice help the university sector?

Transition to remote delivery

As concern grows around COVID-19, the apprenticeship and training sector is shifting to a remote delivery model.

We can help you get up and running in no time.


“I’m delighted with the difference that Aptem is making to Bucks New University’s apprenticeship business. Aptem is complementary to our existing systems, streamlining processes and eliminating data complexity. It allows us to capture and map evidence for our programmes, and has made submitting ILR returns for funding a breeze. To top it off, the MWS implementation team have really supported our transition to Aptem and have been a pleasure to deal with.”

Sean Baker

Operations Manager, Apprenticeships, Bucks New University

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Making Apprenticeships Work in Higher Education

This white paper outlines the pinch points that universities might encounter as they seek to adopt and expand apprenticeship programmes.