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LSBU case study: Reporting in Aptem

Sammy Shummo, Group Director of Apprenticeships at London South Bank University, explains how reporting in Aptem has been transformative in providing a mechanism for real-time reporting on key areas of the apprenticeship, from programme oversight for senior leaders to progress reports for all apprentices.

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You can read a transcript of this video on reporting in Aptem below:

Aptem has been an excellent tool for me personally as a Director of Apprenticeships at LSBU to report to my colleagues and my senior leaders, so the Vice Chancellor, Provost and Deputy Vice Chancellors, because they are really interested in the oversight and management of the programme.

So they are looking at things around progress reviews, are they happening when they should happen, the quality of the progress reviews, the compliance of off-the-job requirement, compliance of the onboarding processes. Also, they’re interested in our potential achievement rates and our compliance with the apprenticeship accountability framework.

Aptem is the tool that gives me visibility and the reporting mechanism through the Power BI reporting or from the back-end that I can proved them reports on that and we’ve been preparing for possible Ofsted inspection, for example.

Within less than two minutes I can pull a progress report and I can see, you know, every single apprentice, where they are at, what they are doing, and I can report easily to my senior leaders. It’s been really transformative for us as an institution because senior leaders now have proper oversight. They can see everything in real time through my reporting to them. They can make appropriate decisions and we can provide resourcing where resource is needed to make an improvement in our journey.

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