Aptem for

Employer Providers.

From training providers, to employers, and from colleges to universities, Aptem makes life easier for employers and learners. Aptem has been designed to tackle the issues that matter most to employer providers.

The complete solution to apprenticeship and vocational training delivery for employer providers.

Aptem helps employers delivering apprenticeships comply with GDPR, Ofsted and the ESFA, while freeing-up staff time, and delivering a learning experience that helps transform your organisation. From deep insights to ongoing improvements, Aptem will revolutionise your apprenticeship delivery.

We understand the challenges employer providers face surrounding apprenticeships and vocational training:

Internal marketing

Large organisations need to internally market training opportunities. Aptem’s CRM system helps promote apprenticeship programmes and track potential demand. Line managers can login to view learning progress and support colleagues as they progress.

Funding draw-downs

Funding draw-downs are a challenge, especially for organisations new to apprenticeship delivery. Aptem generates monthly funding batch files in seconds. With comprehensive error correction and field validation, it’s a reassuringly simple process.

High quality learning delivery

You are paying for the training your staff receive and the organisation naturally has high expectations. Aptem has all the features needed for smooth, effective apprenticeship delivery. By automating and streamlining time-consuming tasks, you can spend more time on high-quality learning delivery; learner progression information is easily accessible to line managers via the Employer Portal. With Aptem’s performance manager you can design an excellent delivery model and maintain quality for every learner across every apprenticeship.

Staying compliant

Strict compliance rules and the growing risk of funding withdrawal. Delivering world-class learning that complies with the wide range of funding, Ofsted and GDPR rules, is made easier with a single system. Aptem’s GDPR-compliant platform tracks and reports on all aspects of delivery, making compliance simple.

Learning plans and ePortfolio

Standards require high-quality teaching material. With its unique combined learning plans and ePortfolio, Aptem enables effective learning journeys while smoothly capturing delivery and personal progression evidence. Remote, online learning and assessment reduces costs, and lets trainers focus their time for maximum impact.

Off-the-job training

Tracking and evidencing 20% off-the-job training can be a burden. Aptem automatically tracks off-the-job training and prompts learners and tutors to input additional learning time. With integrated webinars and workshop management, it makes it easy to deliver productive off-the-job training and capture learning time.

Progress Tracking & Reporting

The more delivery you do the harder it can be to spot issues. While other systems might be able to pinpoint problems after they happen, Aptem’s predictive analytics can identify problems before they cause any damage, and help you understand what to do about them.

How does Aptem help employer providers?

  • Slashing admin – automated, streamlined processes, pre-populated data and paperless onboarding.
  • Cutting costs – reduced overheads, fewer mistakes and improved efficiency.
  • Freeing-up staff time – more time to spend on ensuring great teaching.
  • Removing the risk – consistent quality across all your apprenticeship programmes reduces your risk of being pulled from the RoATP.
  • Delighting learners – a more engaging CPD experience that nurtures talent, whilst effortlessly capturing evidence of development.
  • Advancing delivery – intelligent analytics to improve delivery and ensure quality.
  • Managing your partners – comfortably manage and track interactions with your partner network for straightforward delivery.

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