Solving the skills gap for economic recovery

2021 needs to be a year of economic recovery. To support that, it’s essential to have a clear idea of the shortcomings in the existing talent pool to fill vacant jobs, and the roles which will see high demand in the coming years. So informed, we will be better equipped to determine the best way to support jobseekers to reskill, upskill and move into secure jobs, and to once again nourish growth and innovation in our economy. 

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Make do and muddle through

We are now half-way through the first term of the new academic year. Despite the new lockdown, the government has resolved that schools, colleges and universities will stay open. Of course, things may change as has proven to be the case thus far.

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Apprenticeships – is it time for a rebrand?

When you mention apprenticeships to most people – unless they are in the skills sector – they immediately think of physical, hands-on activity like carpentry or car maintenance. But while there are still many manual apprenticeships on offer, today’s apprenticeship standards also include subjects like data science and advanced forensic practitioner.
Given words have meaning, is it time for apprenticeships to have a rebrand?

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Skills sector is vital to the Covid-19 unemployment fall-out

GDP is sharply down, and unemployment is rising. Big sectors which have helped many enter the labour force such as hospitality are hard hit and not likely to perform the same role in the next recovery. How bad could unemployment become, and what can we do to arrest its growth and help the out of work redeploy their skills? In this piece we look at the ONS forecasts, compare them with previous recessions and recoveries and seek to draw conclusions relevant to skills training.

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Why EdTech is crucial for FE providers to facilitate success

The way we learn needs to reflect how we live and work. Our daily lives are a seamless blend of physical and digital interactions. Schedules are increasingly flexible, with portfolio careers on the rise and continuous learning becoming a more common feature of our routines.

Developments in education technology represent an opportunity to prepare young people and adults with the skills and capabilities they will need to thrive in the future. Not only that, but for further education colleges and independent training providers, EdTech offers solutions that can help them successfully address the UK skills gap and guide students into promising careers.

Here, we will explore what EdTech offers the further education sector and explain why it’s time to embrace the confluence of technology and learning.

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Welcoming We Are Digital to Aptem Skills

We Are Digital recently entered the world of ESFA funded programmes and were looking for a system to help them deliver high quality employability programmes whilst efficiently managing compliance. Here’s why they chose Aptem.

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