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MWS DfE apprenticeship data article in FE News

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Mark Abrahams is the Head of Research and Analytics at MWS Technology. Mark was featured in a published article in FE News on the 11th February.

Focusing on the large amount of public DfE apprenticeship data, Mark explains how MWS use Power BI to transform this data into easy-to-understand, searchable and cross-correlatable data.

Says Abrahams:

“I had been analysing the significant amount of publicly available DfE data to help MWS colleagues and our partners in the apprenticeship sector. We decided to use Power BI so that everyone could quickly find and focus on the key information they needed.  As this is public data, we elected to make it available on the Aptem website for everyone to use.

“AID is the only example of an interactive mapping tool that reframes DfE apprenticeship data. It is truly innovative and reflects MWS’s interest in the potential of big data and data analytics to transform the way we do training.

“AID is an evolving project, and we are adding new features and data sources as they become available. We would welcome input from users of our Dashboard for other data points they would like to see.”

You can read the full article on this link.

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