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LSBU case study: Partnership and support

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Sammy Shummo, Group Director of Apprenticeships at London South Bank University, highlights the collaborative approach to Aptem’s swift and successful implementation. He also discusses the efficacy of existing support systems in ensuring a seamless migration to Aptem’s apprenticeship tools at LSBU.

Press play to listen to his feedback on the implementation of Aptem’s apprenticeship solutions. 

apprenticeship implementation for LSBU banner
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You can read a transcript of the video, below:

Our implementation manager was really helpful. Part of all the work that we were doing, is we’ve developed an online learning module that supports the apprentices’ understanding of their apprenticeship journeys.

We developed this half hour programme and the implementation manager in Aptem helped me to upload it into Aptem. She managed to roll it out to 1800 apprentices on our behalf within the training plan, immediately, and launched it.

And not only that, but also Aptem has the ability to record the completion without us having to do anything. So that was a really great success and a great example that happened only a few weeks ago that saved me probably hours and hours of trying to understand how we can do this.

So, yes, I’m very grateful for the work and support we get from Aptem on an ongoing basis. I know my team and my colleagues and myself, whenever we send an email, or even submit a ticket, we get a response almost immediately to our queries. I can’t really thank the team in Aptem enough, for the support they’ve given us from the day that we thought about migrating to a different apprenticeship system.

When we got three different providers to come and present to us, the response was great, the implementation was excellent, and now the customer success team working with us and helping us to improve and make sure that we are fulfilling all our obligations, but also providing a good, excellent journey for apprentices and employers.

You can learn more about Aptem’s apprenticeship management implementation for universities, here

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