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Lifetime signs up to Aptem to deliver integrated learning experience


Lifetime, the largest training provider in the UK, has signed up to EdTech SaaS platform Aptem to deliver apprenticeships and Kickstart programmes.

The contract was signed in March 2021 and Lifetime and Aptem are working closely to onboard Lifetime’s apprenticeship programmes, alongside the successful implementation and launch of Kickstart in April 2021.  

Before signing up to Aptem, Lifetime used its own proprietary systems to manage and deliver their programmes and an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution to deliver learning. Aptem, as a ‘all in one place’ apprenticeship and vocational training delivery platform, will now manage all aspects of Lifetime’s programmes.

Lifetime carried out an in-depth evaluation of Aptem’s suitability, conducting over 100 hours of pre-contract sessions. After examining the other options on the market, the organisation concluded that Aptem was best placed to support the needs of its large, complex organisation.

Aptem was also attractive because it was the most efficient, scalable, functional, and adaptable system on the market that offers a bespoke learning experience. For Lifetime, this is essential to bring their award-winning curriculum and learning delivery to life and further enhance each learner’s engagement and experience.

Lifetime, established in 1995, provides award-winning training programmes to 20,000 learners a year. From programme development to apprenticeship certification, Lifetime Training provides expert and flexible training  across a range of industries.

MWS Technology, the company behind Aptem, was founded in 2009 and has since developed into one of the fastest growing providers of SaaS software to manage apprenticeships, skills and employability delivery, and business management and compliance.

Aptem has proved resilient throughout the pandemic, doubling its revenue over the past year and reworking its employability platform as Aptem Employ in 2020. The company is dedicated to improving its cutting-edge products and has the most advanced data analysis capabilities on the market. It has deeply ingrained industry experience and a proven track record of working with leading organisations and institutions in the sector, a key factor in attracting some of the largest training providers in the UK.

Carl Cornish, Chief Operating Officer of Lifetime, said:

“At Lifetime we believe everyone deserves to learn the skills they need to realise their full potential, and we want to make sure that our technology solutions support this vision for every learner. Having completed an in-depth review of the market, we know Aptem is a platform that will enhance our ability to provide an exceptional learning experience for our learners. We are excited to introduce Aptem to learners and employers in the coming months.”

Richard Alberg, CEO of Aptem, said:

“We are delighted to have been chosen by Lifetime to deliver their apprenticeship and Kickstart programmes. Aptem has transitioned from start-up to scale-up over the period of 2020, signing many new customers and, in working with Lifetime, we have consolidated our place as the number one choice for providers looking for a flexible, adaptable and efficient SaaS apprenticeship and employability management platform.

“We have adopted a partnership approach with Lifetime, as with all our customers, contributing to transformational organisational change at a time of great business stress. Our work with Lifetime has prompted us to greater innovation, as we look for ways to build on Aptem’s existing achievements.”


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