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Aptem: Investing in vocational technology to help address skills and employment challenges

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In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving job market, the need for skilled and job-ready individuals is critical. Vocational training plays a vital role in bridging the gap between education and employment. Here we explore how Aptem, the UK’s leading SaaS apprenticeship delivery system, is making significant investments to tackle the challenges of skills development and employment.

The importance of vocational technology

Vocational technology is often referred to as VocTech. It is the integration of technology into vocational education and training. It aims to enhance the learning experience and make education more accessible. Using VocTech ensures that learners are job-ready and equipped with the necessary skills.

How Aptem drives high-quality outcomes through vocational training capability

At Aptem, we understand the significance of VocTech and its role in transforming the education and training landscape. For many years we have been successfully building vocational technology that enables training providers to deliver high-quality, compliant programmes, efficiently:

  1. Streamlining apprenticeship delivery: Aptem’s platform simplifies the administration and management of apprenticeships. This makes it easier for training providers to focus on teaching and learners to focus on learning.
  2. Tailored learning delivery: Aptem facilitates the all-important personalisation of learning journeys. Adapt to the individual needs and pace of each learner using smart in-system features.
  3. Analytics and reporting: Users at all levels across the organisation have oversight of programme performance. Aptem holistically tracks the programme, down to monitoring at an individual level.
  4. Compliance: Aptem has been built with compliance in mind, ensuring that compliance documents are accessible, all in one place. The system also periodically tracks events such as reviews to evidence learning journeys.
  5. Investing for the future: We are Incorporating AI-enhanced products to help take learning delivery models to the next level. Check out our webinar on our AI product launch, Aptem Checkpoint.
Aptem’s commitment to the next generation of vocational technology

The sector is undoubtedly changing – and fast. As our recent webinar series highlighted, the ability to drive much greater efficiencies with a laser focus on quality learning experiences is possible in a way it wasn’t a year ago.

We believe the latest technological advancements, such as generative AI, will be a lifeline for those providers who are seeking greater efficiency and productivity while operating within constrained budgets. The trade-off between efficiency and quality has fundamentally changed.

With Aptem technology sitting at the heart of apprenticeship delivery, providers will rightly expect us to be at the forefront of harnessing this technology. We’re investing heavily in building language technology capabilities within Aptem. This will enable learners, tutors and operational teams to benefit as quickly as possible, within the system they are already using.

In celebration of Vocational Technology Week, it’s important to recognise the efforts of our sector in advancing vocational technology. A collective dedication to enhancing apprenticeship and vocational training experiences is a significant step towards addressing the UK’s skills and employment challenges.

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