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Recovery and renewal: Reflections from the Employment & Skills Convention 2021

Connecting support providers to jobseekers for lifetime employment

It was a pleasure to be a part of the Employment & Skills Convention 2021. During the event, we heard first-hand from employers, providers and young people about the impact the last 18 months have had on the employability and skills sector.

Upon reflection of the event and as an employer ourselves, we noticed the importance of injecting the right and required skills into the workplace remains the same. However, there is now a heightened focus on linking jobseekers to the right provisions at the right time. This will be the continued challenge in the near future.

In the full article, Richard Alberg, CEO of Aptem discusses our reflections on this year’s Convention, including what support is required. We talk about bridging gaps between training schemes to build steady careers, the skills the furlough population will need to get back into work and how technology can help with training.

We focus on the importance of getting young people and those from minority groups back into employment following the pandemic to overcome employment inequality. Experts from Aptem also suggest how technologies can be used to upskill existing staff where employers are identifying skills gaps and to connect them with the digital talent that already exists.

Click the button below to read the full reflective piece on the Employment & Skills Convention 2021.

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