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MWS Technology’s CEO in FE Week 2020

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Richard Alberg, CEO of MWS Technology, published an Op-Ed in FE Week on the 11th January 2020.

Talking about the likely impact of the Conservative Party’s landslide win in the 2019 general election, Richard analysed three thorny dilemmas for the new administration when it comes to apprenticeships and training.

One, whether manifesto promises on skills can be delivered post-Brexit and with worsening economic forecasts. Two, how the need for investment in skills will sit with the Conservatives traditional ideological reluctance to invest to grow.

Three, how the government will balance catering for its new northern voter base and the claims of social justice in education with its perennial interest in productivity – in other words, whether attention will be focused on Level 3 versus Level 6/7 apprenticeships and training.

Richard concludes:

“So much remains uncertain. But what is undeniable is that the governing party will have to make critical pivots in its thinking to stave off economic decline and to hold onto its electoral gains. 2020 promises to be another interesting year in politics, with our sector grabbing an increasing number of its headlines.”

You can read the full article for FE Week 2020 on this link.

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