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Greater insight, seamless compliance and more control over your apprenticeship delivery

Aptem's power bi dashboards

Aptem clients now have more detailed insight, seamless compliance and greater control over their apprenticeship delivery with Power BI dashboards.

We are delighted to announce that we have developed four integrated Power BI dashboards. This means they can instantly access the end-to-end data that sits within their Aptem system and have the information that helps ensure compliance and puts them in control of their business.

This is a major and transformational enhancement. No other technology platform can deliver this as integrated dashboards since Aptem is the only end-to-end system, with a separate database per training provider. View our short explainer video here.

The four Power BI dashboards are:

Compliance Dashboard – live

The Compliance dashboard provides an overall picture of how compliant your learners are in regards to a number of key compliance elements. MIS/compliance officers can see, at a glance, where there may be gaps in your compliance documentation and, used alongside your own internal compliance audit procedures, will assist towards ensuring compliance for ESFA funding purposes.

Caseload Dashboard – live

The Caseload dashboard has been designed to allow you to get an overall picture of each of your case owner’s (assessor’s) learners. The dashboard will provide the key delivery metrics needed to ensure that each learner is being seen and progressed as required and should identify learners who may need additional resources in order for them to achieve their qualification in a timely manner.

Ofsted / Quality Dashboard – live

At a snapshot and in real-time, you can see your data for Ofsted at any point, before, during or after a visit. The information provides details on previous Ofsted reports and ESFA funding allocations (if published) and is filterable on the fly. As you move around the data, it dynamically moves with you, so you can drill down wherever you want. Don’t wait until Ofsted ask – be prepared and pre-empt questions from Ofsted.

Financial Dashboard – live

This dashboard allows you to see an indication of the funding that should be due to you for learners completing Standards or Frameworks. The dashboard shows estimated income for previous and forthcoming claim periods. It also gives a high-level breakdown of the component elements of each learner’s funding claim. You can review overall claim amounts and YTD figures as well.

Integrated Power BI dashboards are a transformational resource for your organisation. To learn more, please email

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