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Greater flexibility within Aptem’s Learning Plan

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Providers can now lock down a scalable Learning Plan while enabling certain staff to make modifications for particular learners.

MWS Technology is pleased to announce even greater functionality within Aptem’s Learning Plan. We can now allow providers to lock down a scalable delivery model, while having the flexibility to grant certain staff and experienced tutors with permissions to be able to make modifications for one or more learners.

This important functionality further builds on Aptem’s impressive Learning Plan. Providers can follow a structured programme composed of a series of components that are mapped against criteria in a standard. All learning is combined effortlessly with Aptem’s integrated ePortfolio. All evidence is kept in one place ready to generate an evidence file for end-point assessment with ease. The Learning Plan can include all types of learning delivery. This includes eLearning, workshops, webinars and virtual classrooms and all multimedia content.

Advanced Delivery Management

The new functionality enables administrators with ‘Advanced Delivery Management’ to edit or delete components within a Learning Plan to suit individual learners. Those administrators are able to make required adjustments to the Learning Plan for specific learners. They can also choose to synchronise the modification(s) for groups of learners or entire cohorts. Programme changes can include moving or changing course dates by month. In our next update this will be extended to include number of days or weeks or a specific date. Users can also add or remove course criteria that will be evidenced against an asset in the ePortfolio.

Words from the team

Richard Bridge is Corndel’s Head of Technology and Professional Development Expert. He commented: “As a long-standing user of Aptem, the introduction of flexible Learning Plans allows Corndel to utilise many exciting Aptem features. We appreciate tools such as progress monitoring and online review functionality and these do not compromising our commitment to provide truly personalised journeys to our learners. We are very excited to start using this new functionality.”

John Brightwell is MWS’s Chief Technology Officer. He commented: “We continue to listen to our customers and make enhancements to Aptem that make a difference to them. This functionality gives providers the flexibility to grant certain staff members greater privileges for learning plan management, while maintaining the scalable Learning Plan which works for their business model.”

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