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LSBU case study: Learner engagement

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Sammy Shummo unveils how Aptem has improved learner engagement through its user-friendly interface. As the Group Director of Apprenticeships at London South Bank University, he is well placed to comment on their use of our apprenticeship management software. He also highlights the university’s new capacity to report on progress and user experience using Aptem.

Please enjoy the video above that we’ve put together of his use of Aptem. We have also created a transcript of his comments for you to read: 

“Once an apprentice is fully aware of the potential of Aptem, how they can use it, and the ease of the use of the system, they fully engage with it. I have seen great examples of some apprentices who are ahead of their training plan, where they should be, because they actively engage with it.

It’s a lot better than what we used to have in our previous system where there was no visibility as such in a lot of the progress of the apprentices, there’s no oversight, there’s no ability to report on the progress and the user experience.”

If you would like to find out how Aptem can support your apprenticeship delivery and increase learner engagement, please get in touch. We offer a fully customisable service for universities and training providers and offer valuable industry insights from ESFA apprenticeship reporting data.  

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