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LSBU case study: Administrative savings

Sammy Shummo, Group Director of Apprenticeships at London South Bank University, explains how Aptem has streamlined formerly time-consuming manual administrative tasks into mere minutes. This single system has liberated the team to redirect their efforts towards innovation and enhancing their university apprenticeship provision. This has resulted in big administrative savings.

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You can read a transcript of the video below: 

The admin tasks that Aptem has replaced, things like completion of the commitment statements, the training plans, the apprenticeship agreements, the initial assessments that we used to do manually.

We used to do the initial assessments on BKSB separately. A member of the team would check manually apprentice background on BKSB then transfer the results into the commitment statement or training plan, and then send that via DocuSign. So there is an element of human error there, but also there is the time scale that is required.

Instead of spending days and hours on a particular apprentice to get them through the onboarding process, we now literally can spend maybe an hour or two if the apprentices engage with that process all in one system, all recorded in one place for the compliance and auditing purposes.

There is a huge, massive time saving that has happened in my team. The majority of the staff now really engage and we are looking at how we make the journey better because we now started to look at the added value of us being an apprenticeship team at London South Bank University and not just the data processing team and compliance team. We are trying to look and be innovative because of the time we’ve got back through using Aptem in our processes.

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