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Download Aptem diversity and employability white paper

The last 18 months have been transformative, the coronavirus crisis spearheaded intense change throughout society. Businesses rapidly adopted new ways of working to survive, such as remote working, new communication styles, new strategies and widespread behavioural change.

Our white paper provides insight on how the pandemic has affected pre-existing inequalities and explores how the pandemic has deepened them, with a focus on employability.

Download the white paper

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Topics covered within this white paper:

  • Introduction 
  • Gender discrimination before Covid-19 
  • Coronavirus and women at work 
  • Racial discrimination before Covid-19  
  • Disproportionate effect of Covid-19 on ethnic minorities 
  • Living with disability before covid-19 
  • Coronavirus has deepened disability inequality 
  • Solving inequality through technology  
  • Conclusion: putting diversity centre stage in employability