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Aptem product feature: Sub-programmes

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Learners are unique and their requirements for learning journeys vary. This is why flexible, personalised approaches to learner programme delivery are essential in ensuring successful learning experiences for all.

Within any programme, there are elements of a learning plan that will be applicable to all learners. Then, some to a subset of learners, and others will only apply to individual learners.

To enable the delivery of a best-in-class learner experience, Aptem has simplified the process of managing curriculum delivery through the creation of sub-programmes. 

What are sub-programmes?

Sub-programmes provide the ability to manage learning plan content more easily, without the need for excessive administrative load. Learning plan delivery is significantly more flexible with sub-programmes. Individual elements of your learning plan can be broken out, for example, Functional Skills or optional qualifications. This eliminates the need to have multiple versions of an individual programme for the same apprenticeship. The elements of the programme that are not needed for every learner can instead exist as a sub-programme. Doing so ensures that every learner’s need is catered for within a single fluid programme.

Tasks that may previously have been time-consuming are simplified using sub-programme functionality. Sub-programmes do have multiple different use-cases. But, they are particularly applicable in programmes that need to deliver to learners with different functional skills needs, e.g. different IA results or prior learning. It is also successful when used to manage cases where all learners may have a core set of learning to complete, with some learners needing access to options outside this core offering such as different or additional qualifications. Learner programmes that include multiple different specialisms are also simplified through the use of sub-programmes.

How sub-programmes work

Learners can be enrolled on a delivery programme, and one or more sub-programmes, as needed. Take functional skills as an example. If learners require functional skills, they can be enrolled on the functional skills sub-programmes. If they are exempt, they will remain enrolled only on the core delivery programme. This process is also relevant for learners who want or need to complete an optional qualification. Enrolled learners will see a single learning plan that contains all the elements of both the delivery programme and any sub-programme. Learning plan and individualised learner record (ILR) elements are seamlessly merged with the delivery programme in one view. 

Configuring the ILR template with component aims in a sub-programme means that when the learner is enrolled a single, amalgamated ILR will be generated with the main aim and any component aims from the selected sub-programmes. This saves significant time and effort on having to update them manually. Sub-programmes also enable you to add qualifications for Awarding Body registration, in a similar way to the ILR. Any qualifications from the delivery programme and selected sub-programmes will be added to be registered in the Awarding Body registration section, unless marked as exempt at enrolment.

Personalisation can enhance the effectiveness of learner programme delivery. Identifying and implementing digital technology that enables learners to follow individualised learner pathways should be a priority for all programme providers.

Please note that certain features and functionality highlighted here are exclusive to specific Aptem packages. Please speak to your Business Development Manager, or Customer Success Manager if you are already an Aptem customer, for further information.

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