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What is the Apprenticeship Providers and Assessment Register (APAR), formerly the Register of Approved Training Providers (RoATP)?


Wondering what the APAR is? Here, the Aptem team explains the switch from RoATP to APAR. We also discuss how the new system is intended to be more accessible for providers. Additionally, we share what resources are available for apprenticeship providers joining the register. 

On 1 August 2023, the Register of Approved Training Providers (RoATP) merged with the End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) register. This collaboration makes up the new Apprenticeship Providers and Assessment Register (APAR). It aims to simplify what is consistently recognised as a complex and highly bureaucratic system.  

APAR is a list of training provider organisations. It spans independent training providers, colleges, universities and employer providers. All have approval to deliver apprenticeship training, funded by the government. It is also a list of EPAOs. 

End-Point Assessment Organisation

Alongside this new name, and another acronym to learn, comes a noteworthy change for the apprenticeship sector. The previous requirement for training providers to prove that employers have selected the organisation responsible for conducting apprentices’ end-point assessments (EPAs) has been replaced. The new default position now allows the provider to make the EPAO choice, simplifying the process. Nevertheless, employers still retain the option to select the EPAO themselves if they wish. 

The government’s announcement underscores its commitment to reducing bureaucracy in the apprenticeship sector while enhancing efficiency. This transition has garnered support from regulatory bodies such as Ofqual and the Office for Students. Both of which have been successful with the Department for Education in its implementation. 

It is important to note that while the name of the register has changed, the application process for apprenticeship providers and supporting providers remains unchanged. Those apprenticeship providers who had previously been approved on RoATP are automatically approved on APAR. 

Resources available to providers joining APAR 

Delivering vocational training in a highly regulated environment comes with unique challenges. Here at Aptem, we’re proud to work with many APAR providers to help them navigate this ever-changing landscape. As well as delivering market-leading solutions that support end-to-end apprenticeship delivery, Aptem offers a wealth of resources designed to deliver the latest industry insights to APAR providers.  

ESFA apprenticeship reporting data

ESFA apprenticeship reporting data is hugely insightful, but it is incredibly difficult to extract information from it. We have created a free dashboarding tool that makes it easy for apprenticeship providers to analyse trends, see offerings gaps, produce competitor analysis, and make data-driven strategic decisions from the ESFA data. 

View the Aptem Intelligence Dashboard >  

eBook: Ofsted, the importance of data, and the role of your apprenticeship delivery system

It’s never too early to start preparing for inspection. We recently partnered with the Fellowship of Inspection Nominees (FIN) to put together an eBook that details the common challenges that arise in Ofsted feedback, and how you can put measures in place to guard against them. 

Read the eBook > 

eBook: Preparing for your ESFA Audit using Aptem

Successful ESFA Audits rely on training providers being confident about the accuracy of their funding claim and being able to back up decisions with robust evidence. In partnership with RSM UK and PwC, our eBook explores the ESFA audit process, the preparation needed for a successful outcome and the role of Aptem in helping to ensure you meet the requirements of an ESFA audit. 

Read the eBook > 

eBook: Using Aptem to inform your Self-Assessment Report (SAR)

Ofsted expects providers to be able to demonstrate that they are rigorously self-assessing and working to a quality improvement plan. The SAR is designed as a tool to help you do just that. Our eBook breaks down the SAR process – what your report might include, the role of data in a SAR, and how you can use Aptem to evidence the performance of your provision.

Read the eBook > 

Industry insights for apprenticeship providers

From breaking down new funding rules to exploring specific areas such as additional learning needs, our webinars bring together leading industry voices to tackle the topics that matter most to APAR providers. 

Catch up on our latest webinars > 

Putting you in touch with a support network

From Ofsted preparedness to compliance mock audits to employer engagement strategies and operational efficiency considerations, we’re well placed to put you in touch with handpicked, experienced industry experts across our network. 

An overview of Aptem Apprentice

Our award-winning, highly customisable system helps providers deliver compliant apprenticeship training that your learners, and their employers, will love. 

View the brochure > 

Aptem are experts in supporting apprenticeship providers, for more help with the assessment register or apprenticeship management, please get in touch.

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