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Using Aptem as a learner: How Aptem supports my learning journey

Terri Lee using Atpem for apprenticeship learning

This Vocational Technology Week, we’re celebrating the positive impact that apprenticeship management technology like Aptem can play in helping learners achieve their potential.

Apprenticeships are integral to addressing the dynamic needs of the workforce. They play a crucial role in bridging the skills gap and fostering a sustainable economy. Apprenticeships provide a unique way for learners to acquire practical skills and hands-on experience, aligning education with industry demands. This practical knowledge enhances employability and ensures a smooth transition into, or development of, a professional career. Employers benefit from a pool of skilled and motivated individuals who have undergone tailored training. Apprenticeship learners contribute to increased productivity and innovation within their organisations.

Importantly, apprenticeships contribute to societal wellbeing as they foster inclusivity. Apprenticeships provide opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds. This widens participation in the workforce. This inclusive approach enriches the talent pool and fosters a more resilient and adaptable workforce.

Aptem Apprenticeship Management Software

At Aptem, we’re proud to deliver technology that makes a material difference to the apprenticeship experience, for learners, employers and providers alike. The apprenticeship learning experience is a crucial consideration for all Aptem development. It’s our mission to develop technology that helps people find rewarding work and enables them to equip themselves with the skills they need to progress.

In this interview, we speak to Terri-Lee, a Deputy Manager. Terri-Lee is currently undertaking a Level 5 Leader in Adult Care apprenticeship with Ensis Solutions. Like all Ensis apprentices, Terri-Lee uses Aptem as a single place to manage her apprenticeship and complete her learning. You can read more about how Aptem supports Ensis here.

Here, Terri-Lee shares her experience of using Aptem as a learner, and how Aptem supports her to make the most of her learning.

Q: How is your apprenticeship with Ensis supporting your career goals?

A: I was a manager, but knew I didn’t have the confidence to do the Register Manager’s role. So, I took a step down to be Deputy Manager and learn more knowledge, skills and behaviours. I began my Level 5 with the hope of gaining more knowledge. But, I’ve also be gaining more confidence and changing my perspective on the job role. Upon completion of my apprenticeship, I hope to become an official manager of my own service. I have already spoken about this with my senior management team. They can see how I’ve grown and that I will be an asset to that provision.

Q: How has Aptem supported your learning throughout your apprenticeship?

A: I have been able to access the Resource Library and choose my own resources with my Skills Coach on topics that I thought I knew everything about when actually I didn’t. I have been able to challenge my team and share information with them that I get from Aptem, so we are all benefitting. Being dyslexic, using Aptem has really supported my learning needs. Having access to videos and links that have been researched and approved means that I have been able to target my research. I’m looking at information that I would not have previously thought about.

Q: What are your favourite aspects of Aptem?

A; I love the monthly newsletter that Ensis shares via Aptem. It allows me access to stories I wouldn’t normally look at. This allows me to increase my awareness and understanding that British Values and Prevent matter. I love to use them to have a good debate at my progress reviews with my Skills Coach. Also, I love the messaging function within Aptem. Not only could I speak to my Skills Coach straight away, but we could come up with a continuous improvement project, ideas for working together, and I still had the information available to refer back to instead of getting lost in a sea of emails.

Q: How does Aptem make your life as an apprentice easier?

A: I love the fact that I can see my monthly set targets and what is required of me for the whole programme. I can plan my work, learning and additional research based on what is built into my Aptem learning plan, which means I can plan the work time to accommodate these activities. My learning is presented in a format that supports my dyslexia and I know I have many different options to choose from.

Q: How has vocational training enhanced your learning compared to traditional education?

A: Being able to learn and put my learning into practice has enabled me to make mistakes, trial and error. I use the reflective nature of the apprenticeship to find my best practice and embed the knowledge that I am gaining. I have what is essentially 24/7 access to my Skills Coach. This has meant that any misconceptions didn’t become a barrier to my apprenticeship learning. I have been able to get timely feedback on my work timely enabling me to progress with my topics.

For more information about the platform supporting Terri-Lee as she progresses through her apprenticeship, book your demo. You can also learn more about Ensis’ experience of implementing Aptem and some of the broader benefits it is seeing as a result in our case study.

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