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Rien Sach appointed as Aptem Deputy CEO

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We are pleased to announce the appointment of Rien Sach as Deputy CEO at Aptem. This new position was created as a result of continuous year-on-year growth alongside ambitious scale-up plans underpinned by a pioneering product roadmap.

The appointment strengthens Aptem’s leadership capability and facilitates strategic execution at a time when game-changing technology is set to transform the sector.

Aptem’s Founder, Richard Alberg, remains in his role as CEO. He is leading the organisation through its next exciting stage of growth. Richard explains, “I’m delighted to be making this announcement. We’re at a stage in our business where we need to have a broader leadership function to do two things:

  • The company must continue to operate effectively at scale, ensuring that we deliver on our strategic priorities to benefit our growing customer base.
  • Simultaneously, we must think about what’s next for the sector, providers, and our business regarding policy change, technological advancements, and new opportunities.

With an impressive track record of executive SaaS leadership, including his two-year tenure as Aptem’s Chief Technology Officer, Rien is ideally placed to take up this important role of Deputy CEO.” 

Rien has an exceptional background in leading product development organisations in both VC and PE-backed companies. He has a passion for building great products and creating empowered, motivated teams. He holds a BSc in software engineering, a PhD in psychology and software engineering, and an Executive MBA.

Rien explains, “I’m very pleased to be taking this pivotal role, supporting our valued customers and Senior Leadership Team as we continue to build on our position as market leader in a sector about to experience the transformational impact of generative AI technology.”

About Aptem

Aptem is developing an offering of value-multiplying features called Aptem Enhance, which combine to create increasingly greater value for providers within our end-to-end apprenticeship management platform. We are committed to building functionality – not just because we can, but because we know we will deliver exceptional value for training providers, saving time and resources, cutting out repetitive, administrative noise, and elevating human impact. 

Read more about Richard Alberg, Rien Sach, and Aptem’s Senior Leadership team here:

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