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Resources for training providers that are new to the Apprenticeship Register and Assessment Register (APAR)

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From compliance, to funding rules and best practice, hear the latest guidance from industry experts and our team of apprenticeship specialists.

As well as bringing many new opportunities, being part of the Apprenticeship Register and Assessment Register (APAR) can raise questions about how you approach your apprenticeship management. Once on the register, providers must comply with a range of funding and compliance requirements. These include meeting minimum standards for apprenticeship delivery and adhering to government guidelines on funding and reporting. It can be time consuming and complex to ensure you are meeting Ofsted standards and complying with Education and Skills Funding Agency (EFSA) funding requirements.

At Aptem, we’re proud to work with many APAR providers. We help them navigate the unique and ever-changing challenges that come with delivering vocational training in a highly regulated environment.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of our key compliance articles and webinars. They are informed by compliance specialists and our team of industry experts who have experience working in roles just like yours. Check out our APAR resources and get in touch to discuss your apprenticeship LMS. 

Resources: eBooks, articles, case studies and webinars

Article: Understanding apprenticeship compliance

Here we look at the key pillars of apprenticeship compliance and explore the roles of Ofsted, the ESFA and APAR. We also examine some challenges and strategies to overcome them. 

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Article and webinar: Compliance challenges with the 2022-2023

Apprenticeship funding rules. Compliance specialist, David Lockhart-Hawkins, highlights the key challenges of the 2022-23 apprenticeship funding rules. He explains why he advocates a ‘compliance by curriculum design’ approach. 

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eBook: Ofsted, the importance of data, and the role of your apprenticeship delivery system

It’s never too early to start preparing for inspection. We recently partnered with the Fellowship of Inspection Nominees (FIN) to put together an eBook that details the common challenges that arise in Ofsted feedback, and how you can put measures in place to guard against them. 

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Webinar: Developing a healthy compliance culture

In this webinar, designed for leaders, managers and those who work in a compliance role, David Lockhart-Hawkins looks at how to create a healthy compliance culture that is aware of risk but promotes transparency. 

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eBook: What to look for in an apprenticeship technology solution

In this guide for training providers, we explore some of the key elements to look for in an apprenticeship technology solution, including efficient automation of business processes; compliance and quality assurance; automation to reduce data errors; an easy-to-use interface, and learner progress tracking.

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Article: Tips for running effective tripartite reviews

Regular and well conducted reviews are a key signifier of quality for Ofsted, and thorough documentation is important for securing EFSA support. In this article, we explore guidance for effectively running and documenting your tripartite reviews. 

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Case study: Technology to support compliance

An apprenticeship delivery management system can be a transformational tool in supporting your compliance efforts. Find out about the benefits BMS Progress are seeing from Aptem Apprentice, our award-winning apprenticeship solution.

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Aptem Intelligence Dashboard

ESFA apprenticeship reporting data is hugely insightful, but it is incredibly difficult to extract information from it. We have created a free dashboarding tool that makes it easy for apprenticeship providers to analyse trends, see offerings gaps, produce competitor analysis, and make data-driven strategic decisions from the ESFA data. 

View the Aptem Intelligence Dashboard > 

Industry insights for apprenticeship providers

From breaking down new funding rules to exploring specific areas such as additional learning needs, our webinars bring together leading industry voices to tackle the topics that matter most to APAR providers. 

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An overview of Aptem Apprentice

Our award-winning, highly customisable system helps providers deliver compliant apprenticeship training that your learners, and their employers, will love. 

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We hope you find these resources useful. To keep up to date with the latest news and content for the apprenticeship sector, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn. 

If you have any questions about the resources below, or would like to see how Aptem’s solutions support APAR providers to deliver efficient, compliant and engaging apprenticeships, book a demo with us.

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