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Recognising and evolving alongside our customers: introducing our new Technical Consultant for integration support

Holly Thompson, new integration support technical consultant

At Aptem, we understand that not all integration needs are built into our product from the start. While we offer standard integrations available at the switch of a button, many customers require bespoke integration support tailored to their unique processes.

Enabling Aptem customers to build non-standard integrations

To address this, we’ve chosen Holly Thompson as our new Technical Consultant. Holly focuses on non-standard integrations and provides specialist expertise. Many of you may recognise Holly from her previous Implementation Consultant role and have already benefited from her deep integrations knowledge.

The role of the Technical Consultant

Holly plays a crucial role in identifying data process flows, API structures, and technical queries as customers build their APIs. She is adept at troubleshooting, smoothing out the process of data queries, and running scripts to facilitate seamless integrations. Her key responsibilities include:

  • Integration consultancy: Offering expert advice and consultancy for non-standard integrations.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Assisting with SSO implementations to ensure secure, efficient access.
  • Data management: Managing ILR imports and bulk data changes to streamline customer operations during implementation.
  • Front-end support: Providing technical support to our front-end teams, including support staff and Customer Success Managers (CSMs).

Enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction

The primary goal of introducing a Technical Consultant is to speed up implementation, making it more efficient and responsive to customers’ complex needs. As customers increasingly face integration challenges requiring multiple systems, Holly, as our dedicated specialist, provides the necessary technical expertise, often lacking in-house.

Real-world examples

Here are a few examples of how Holly’s integration support has already made a difference:

  1. Data migration project: Integrating a new ILR from a recently acquired company for a customer, ensuring a smooth transition and seamless data flow.
  2. CRM integration: Assisting a customer previously using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) by integrating their CRM system to pull learners into Aptem. This solution was less data-heavy, more straightforward to work with, and quicker to build and maintain.
  3. Webhook integration: Supporting a small team with limited capacity by using webhooks to achieve integration. This setup extracts data about learner changes and passes it to a third-party service for real-time updates. In turn, this reduces the need for extensive API calls.

Accessing technical consultancy

New customers will access this resource as part of the onboarding process, with integration requirements specified during implementation. These projects run parallel to standard integrations for a more efficient workflow.

Existing customers can request integration support through their CSM.  It will be managed as a separate project, whether extending existing integrations or developing entirely new ones.

Why technical consultancy matters for our customers

By introducing a dedicated Technical Consultant, Aptem reaffirms its commitment to evolving alongside our customers. We recognise the increasing complexity of integration needs and provide the specialist expertise necessary to meet these challenges.

This strategic move enhances the efficiency of our implementation process. It also significantly improves customer satisfaction by reducing integration time and minimising errors. At Aptem, we are dedicated to supporting our customers. Together, we can achieve seamless integration solutions that empower customers to achieve their goals.

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