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Lifetime Training using Aptem Checkpoint in early adopter programme

Aptem Checkpoint and Lifetime Training

The Lifetime Training team are invaluable as part of our early adopter programme. As avid Aptem users, they have always been quick to embrace new features. Together, we collaborate on ways to support the continual improvement of the platform. Currently, we’re working on a new technology to focus on high-quality learning experiences. Lifetime were keen to help shape the development of these features.

Aptem Checkpoint and the early adopter programme 

Aptem Checkpoint is a new feature that will change the game. It will enhance the learning experience and support successful programme completion. It does this by presenting a series of AI-generated questions. These help gauge learner comprehension of the KSBs relevant to their Standard. Testing takes place at appropriate points throughout their apprenticeship. To develop and test the benefits of Checkpoint in real-life, Aptem conducted an early adopter programme. This involved in-depth discussions with our development team to shape the feature’s scope.

In the early adopter programme, Lifetime had detailed feature discussions with our product team. They were also given early access to the feature within their own tenant. This allowed them to test the user interface with their learners. Doing so allowed them to provide feedback on the generated questions. They also shared insights on how the feature benefits their learners and tutors.

The early adopter programme ensures the new feature was rigorously developed and tested. Detailed feedback helped Aptem engineers refine the prompts used to generate the questions. This ensures they are appropriate in style, relevance, accuracy and difficulty. In mid-February 2024, Lifetime started a ‘launch to learn’ pilot. It ran with a small percentage of their learner base. It represented learners across the full provision of sectors. This included hospitality, care, active leisure, IT, professional services, and business.

How Aptem Checkpoint works for leaners.

  • Aptem Checkpoint uses the familiar Aptem Apprentice user interface. It prompts learners to engage, by displaying a notification in the ‘Requires Attention’ tab.
  • When the learner clicks start, they receive multiple-choice AI-generated questions. The questions appear clearly, one at a time. Then, the user submits their answers to receive instant feedback.

  • The learner can immediately view their results. Learners can review the question, their answer and the correct answer. They will also gain some indicative feedback.

  • Without coach involvement, the learner can test their comprehension. They can review their recently covered Knowledge, Skills, or Behaviours (KSBs). They will also receive useful feedback.

We really appreciate the detail from Lifetime Training through the early adopter programme. It allows us to test functionality with real users so we can make sure changes are valuable. 

If you want to learn more about Aptem and the early adopter programme, please get in touch.


Benefits to Leaners


“It’s really highlighting my strengths and weaknesses…my coach needs a report to see the results then he can plan my learning.”… Hospitality Level 4 learner, Lifetime Training.


Learning experience

From the learner’s perspective, Aptem Checkpoint is seamlessly integrated into the central system, providing AI-generated questions and clear feedback on performance.

The self-served assessment allows learners to receive feedback and plan their next steps independently, supporting the coaching process.

This feature can also be a tool to enhance learner confidence and help apprentices take ownership of their learning, also increasing engagement rates. By identifying where they need further study, learners are better equipped to prepare for end-point assessments.

Better outcomes

This approach maximises outcomes by leveraging data to drive interventions and effectively support learners. It has led to coaches engaging with learners to discuss results, plan teaching strategies, and utilise information for automatic checkpoint generation.  

Lifetime’s overall aim is for coaches to independently review checkpoint scores and plan teaching sessions in advance, streamlining administrative preparation for sessions.  


This approach aligns with enhancing modern apprenticeship learning and elevating the learner journey through artificial intelligence, setting a new standard for what is achievable in the field.

How Aptem Checkpoint works for coaches. 

  • Coaches can either set Checkpoints to be automatically triggered at relevant points within the learning plan or manually trigger them for learners when needed. The coach selects the number of questions and the pre-loaded KSB(s) within the standard that they want to cover. The number of questions can be adapted, depending on where in the programme the learner is, and the reason for the coach creating the Checkpoint. 
  • Coaches can access information on number of Checkpoints completed and other stats such as average completion rate. Drilling down further, the coach can see specific Checkpoints for each learner, and drop down into specific answers.  
  • Without creating any of these questions, the coach has all the advantages of a mini assessment and can use the results to inform future learning sessions. 


Benefits to Lifetime


“It really helps with building understanding on where the learner will need support in the next session…reporting will be a game-changer.”… Learning Coach, Lifetime Training.


Efficiency and scalability 

Lifetime operate some vast cohorts of learners, to which they can apply Aptem Checkpoint to easily get a sense of progress and understanding.

As Dom Wilkinson, Operational Partnership Manager at Lifetime Training shares, ‘the automated process reduces the manual work for coaches, freeing up that administrative burden to let coaches do what they do best and what they love to do, which is work with the learner.’

The coach benefits from automated question generation for mid-programme assessments, end-of-module evaluations, and gateway checkpoints, allowing for informed teaching and learning session planning based on comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Information at your fingertips  

The reporting capabilities of Aptem Checkpoint provide comprehensive performance data that allows for data-driven insights and informed decision-making. By utilising the data from Aptem Checkpoint assessments, Lifetime can intervene in the learner’s journey based on quantitative metrics rather than relying solely on qualitative or judgment-based assessments. According to Dom, ‘with those tailored questions, we really are enhancing the learning experience. We’re giving coaches the opportunity to really dig in and focus on those areas of opportunity.’

Reduced administrative burden 

Lifetime reports that using tailored questions, the learner’s experience is enhanced, and coaches can focus on areas of opportunity without spending time compiling questions. 

Providers can gain an objective measure of progress for every learner, without them requiring any additional time from their coaches.

The regular question sets generated by Aptem Checkpoint based on the Learning Plan criteria aim to improve knowledge retention in assessments. 

Lifetime also say that there is potential to replace end-of-module consolidation work with Aptem Checkpoint, further alleviating administrative burdens and setting a standard for modern apprenticeship learning.


Continuous improvement 


Continuous improvement is a key aspect of Lifetime’s partnership with Aptem, with regular Aptem Checkpoint calls facilitating discussions on early feedback, question design, and layout. Aptem’s receptiveness to feedback has led to constant enhancements of the tool, ensuring a user-friendly experience.  

Initial average scores suggest that the automatically generated questions align well with the manually created end-of-module questions, instilling confidence in their effectiveness. 

As the pilot progresses and automatic generation is implemented, a significant increase in numbers is expected, allowing for statistical analysis and comparisons between Aptem Checkpoint learners and control groups to validate the hypothesis of improved engagement and outcomes. 

As Dom shares, ‘what we are seeing at the moment is that Aptem Checkpoint can be, and has the potential to be, a fabulous indicator of learners’ progression, and what the success will be at the end of the programme.’ 

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