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Aptem Area Analysis Tool renamed as Aptem Intelligence Dashboard


The Aptem Area Analysis Tool has been renamed as the Aptem Intelligence Dashboard (AID), to acknowledge the intelligence it provides to apprenticeship providers when helping them plan their apprenticeship offering. Providers have access at their fingertips to all published UK apprenticeship sector data 2017 – 2019, including numbers, types and apprenticeship programmes offered and by which training provider, with the ability to interact with the data as desired. You may access the AID here.

Richard Alberg, Chief Executive of MWS, commented: “The AID is another of our interactive dashboards, designed to enable those in the sector to have greater control of their apprenticeship business. At MWS we put data at the forefront of our offering and the AID is one example of how our talented data team create tools that have a transformational impact. For the first time, providers are able to drill into Department for Education published data in a way that is truly useful to their business.”

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