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A data approach that enables strategic decision making

Aptem offers a range of built-in reporting tools and Power BI Dashboards. Behind these sits an in-house Data Analytics Team that works with our customers to develop tailored data strategies and reporting that meets the needs of individual organisations.

Aptem's reporting dashboards

When you use Aptem, your data is held centrally, allowing you to easily report and analyse. There are a number of built-in reporting tools along with more detailed Power BI Dashboards within Aptem and we’re adding to these all the time.

Learner Dashboard

A learner view of their entire programme, to ensure they keep on track.
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Tutor Dashboard

Single-page overview of the learner’s progress providing the tutor with the tools to keep on top of their learners.
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Employer Dashboard

A view for employers, showing the progress of each apprentice across all programmes, and any outstanding documentation and tasks to complete.
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Performance Dashboard

Manage your programmes and organisation at caseload level, operational manager level and SLT level.
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Financial Dashboard

Funding due and estimated income for previous and forthcoming periods. Deep dive into individual learner funding claims.
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Ofsted/Quality Dashboard

Data for Ofsted before, during and after inspections, and previous reports.
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Compliance Dashboard

Illustrating how compliant your learners are and where there are gaps that can affect ESFA funding.
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Aptem Intelligence Dashboard

Allows apprenticeship providers to analyse ESFA data for trends, see offering gaps, produce competitor analysis and make data-driven strategic decisions using ESFA data.
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A consultative approach

Our Data Analytics team, headed by Chartered Psychologist and Data Scientist, Mark Abrahams, works with customers to develop tailored data strategies and reporting. Using descriptive statistics and predictive forecasting the team provides customers with insights that inform good decision making:

Aptem Intelligence Dashboard

Synonymous with Aptem’s data driven approach, the Aptem Intelligence Dashboard turns ESFA apprenticeship reporting data into useful, digestible reports, using Power BI.

It is a repository of sector expertise allowing Apprenticeship providers to view competitive market positions, identify opportunities, and make data-driven strategic decisions. It is available for everyone to use.

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Aptem Dashboards - insights to track and manage your programmes

Access to data that is visualised in an easy to consume way is critical to understanding insights. That’s why Aptem has built-in dashboards allowing users at all levels across an organisation to effectively learn, track and manage their programmes. Read our article overviewing the built in dashboards Aptem offers. 

Our award-winning platform is trusted by training providers, universities, colleges, employer providers, and thousands of users across the UK: