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Recent Aptem updates


We are pleased to share the details of the latest updates to Aptem. If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact us at

Functional skills initial assessment

Bksb functional skills initial assessments can now be configured as part of the Onboarding Wizard (provided bksb integration is enabled and configured).

ID evidence on Extended ILR form  

Administrators can now upload / review ID evidence on the Extended ILR form and report on it in Users Generic Report. This allows the upload / review of ID evidence, as part of your onboarding process, to be done remotely.

Specifying date of evidence creation

Administrators / learners can now specify the date that a piece of evidence was created / completed. These dates are not necessarily the same as the date when it was added in Aptem. The specified date will be used in OTJ hours reports and provides a more accurate record of when work was completed.

Creation of Learning Plan components by learners

Learners can now create components in their Learning Plan for unplanned work using the Log Activity feature in their Learning Plan. Where a learner has a piece of evidence that they feel is helpful to their progression but it doesn’t relate to anything in an existing Learning Plan, the learner can create a new component and upload the related evidence. The tutor can then link the new component to the suitable programme criteria.

New administrator role

There is now a separate Advanced Delivery Management role for deleting Learning Plan components which offers a higher level of control than editing alone. When an administrator is adjusting a Learning Plan, they can have a permission level to edit the plan only. This new permission can be added to administrator accounts so they can delete components too.

Apprenticeship Service batch file

Administrators can now download an appropriately formatted file for uploading to the Apprenticeship Service (AS). The AS manages payments from the levy so apprenticeship providers must manually upload learners to the AS or generate a .CSV file using Aptem and bulk upload learners, slashing admin and saving plenty of time.

On the ILR page, accessed via the ILR tile, administrators click Get apprenticeship service batch, select the relevant UKPRN and Cohort reference and then click Export.


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