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Partnership is the key to innovation


MWS places a high value on partnering with providers. Close working relationships give us a deep insight into current needs and help us to develop useful new features for Aptem, our easy-to-use apprenticeship delivery platform.

Our latest partnership is with the Sussex Council of Training Providers. As a new Commercial Associate member, MWS Technology will work within the council to strengthen its network and offer relevant, high-quality delivery and compliance technology to providers operating in the Sussex area. The MWS team are looking forward to sharing ideas with other relevant stakeholders in the region’s apprenticeship and vocational training industries, to build on our understanding of their needs and challenges at all levels.

Our team has always been inspired by our customers. Our paperless onboarding feature is a recent example.  As David Hitchen, former Programme Manager at Capita Talent Partnerships, confirms, “MWS Technology supported us to develop an e-signup process by which we take the paper out of the whole sign up process.” This facility has given significant efficiency and cost benefits to both Capita and MWS Technology’s other customers.

Capita were also instrumental in the development of Aptem’s course material distribution feature. There is no longer a need to distribute old-style paper work and course books manually. Course materials are now delivered online through Aptem, ensuring helpful print and transport savings.

Our many customer testimonials offer more information about the strong innovative partnerships we have formed over the years.

Read more about how Aptem can streamline your apprenticeship and training delivery processes and significantly reduce your organisation’s costs or contact us to discuss your particular needs in more detail.

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