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More upgrades for Aptem customers


Our development team continue to bring enhanced Aptem functionality that improves delivery for providers, universities, colleges and employer-providers whilst improving the learning experience for thousands of learners across the country. Here are the details of the new functionality that we pushed live in February.

Enhancements to Aptem’s Learning Plan

The new Learning Plan functionality enables administrators permissioned with ‘Advanced Delivery Management’ to edit or delete components within a Learning Plan to suit individual learners. Those administrators are able to make required adjustments to the Learning Plan for specific learners or to choose to synchronise the modification(s) for groups of learners or entire cohorts. Programme changes can include moving or changing course dates by month, (in our next update this will be extended to include number of days or weeks or a specific date) and adding or removing course criteria that will be evidenced against an asset in the ePortfolio.

Employer login access rights

We have updated employer login access rights so that employer logins only see records directly associated with them, not for the whole organisation. This means managers from an employer organisation can only see the records of staff that they manage rather than the records of all staff within the organisation.

Employers – verifying hours

Those with employer logins can now verify hours from a placement profile. As many employers deliver training, they can provide more accurate input of verified hours in the electronic timesheets.

Placement hours – verification emails

Administrators can now set a property within an employer profile to control whether placement hours verification emails are sent to employers. Work placements and workshops use the same functionality in Aptem which meant that Aptem would send an email to employers every time a learner attended a workshop. This update means that administrators now have the option to turn off these emails if they are not required.

Integration with Learning Aim Reference Service (LARS)

Aptem now has an integrated API into LARS. When you go to the ILRs page, click edit on an ILR and then enter an aim reference. Aptem then completes a lookup in LARS and obtains the name of the aim that you have entered. You can now see what the actual aim is in the ILR, along with the aim reference, rather than the aim reference only.

  • In the QAR report you now have the ability to export a report that displays the name of the aims that have been entered into the ILR.

Review improvements

The following updates to Aptem’s Review Manager are usability and cosmetic improvements.

  • We have added a Finish button at the bottom of the review page to go back to where the review was called from.
  • In the reviews section of the user profile, we have renamed the Print column into Create document and replaced the printer icon with a document icon.
  • When the review document is created, provided they’re expected to sign it, the user and manager will receive a Collaboration Centre message.

Learner courses

When learners finish a course, the asset displays a confirmation dialog to avoid accidental submissions. It is now easier for the learner to choose between saving their work, and saving and submitting to their tutor.

Cloning competencies

Administrators can now clone competencies. If you’ve already created a competency, you can now copy the original and make the necessary amendments. This is more convenient than building a competency from scratch and saves administrators’ time.

Editing ILRs

Aptem now displays a note next to an ILR to tell administrators if an ILR is currently opened by someone else. The note is displayed until the ILR is closed, preventing two people working on the same ILR at the same time.

Updating prospects

Previously, you could view prospect details and see the username but not update this information. Administrators with supervisor privileges can now update prospect usernames.

Aptem is a SaaS platform. This means that all our customers benefit from platform improvements as we make them. This latest release brings to you many attractive new features. But we haven’t finished. This year our platform roadmap is brim full of great developments. Watch this space!

For more information on any of Aptem’s developments, please contact us at

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