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More Aptem enhancements for March 2019


As scheduled, our development team have pushed lived the second round of enhancements to Aptem this week.

Allow provider to edit ILR Learner Reference Number

Aptem generates a reference number for each learner which previously populated ILRs automatically. This update allows providers to overwrite the reference number field in the ILR with their own custom number.

Make Competencies onboarding step available to user for self-assessment

As part of your onboarding process, learners can now complete an Aptem Skills Radar® self-assessment. This is useful for providers that wish to have their learners complete the initial skills scan themselves.

Add visible to learner property to Miscellaneous Learning Plan components

Previously, Miscellaneous Learning Plan components were only visible to Aptem administrators – we have now made them optionally visible to learners too. Miscellaneous components cover activities in the Learning Plan that do no create a task and are not linked to a course or placement. An example of how you may use a Miscellaneious component is for a document upload or note entry.

Allow an administrator to save ILR as a draft

If an administrator wishes to prepopulate an ILR but does not have all the information required to complete it, they may save the ILR as a draft and either they or the learner can complete it later once the remaining information is available.

Learning provider as a user property

This update creates the ability to manage multiple learning providers and UKPRNs within the same Aptem tenant. Examples of where this applies is where a provider has multiple trading styles, has bought another provider or if the provider is acting as part of a consortium.

Power BI API

This is transformational functionality for our customers and we’ll be providing a more detailed explanation of Power BI in our next edition of our quarterly newsletter, The Pulse, to be published in April. This API offers Aptem customers access to Power BI (or similar reporting/analytics tools) to generate a wide range of reports and dashboards for greater insight and analytics of their data.

Our customer support team is on standby to answer any questions you may have regarding this email. Please email if you have any questions.

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