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First round of Aptem updates for March 2019


Our development team have pushed live even more updates this week to further enhance Aptem functionality. Here are the details of the new functionality that we released.

Granular date control for Learning Plans

You can now set the due date for Learning Plans by day or week as well as month. In conjunction with flexible Learning Plans, you can now set a specific due date and propagate this to other learners. Previously, customers could only set the month by which Learning Plan components were due to be completed. Customers now have greater control over their learning programmes as they can add specific due dates at programme and individual level.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Utilising SAML2 protocol, Aptem can now be configured to accept an SAML2 security token and provide SSO functionality. You are likely to have a federated identity provider such as Active Directory of Shibboleth – with SSO, customers can log into one platform, and a token is produced that then allows you to automatically be logged into another platform e.g. a student records system, LMS and/or Aptem. SSO facilitates automatic sign-on to other platforms, primarily for learners but also for administrators.

Change to mentors in an employer profile

Previously, an Aptem mentor would sit in the Contacts section of an employer profile; mentors would not necessarily be invited to have an Aptem account. Mentors now sit under Employer Logins within an employer profile. Where a mentor has received an Aptem invitation email and activated their account, they can log into Aptem and view the progress of learners they have been assigned to.

Our customer support team is on standby to answer any questions you may have regarding this email. Please email if you have any questions.

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