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Aptem updates for November Updates


We are pleased to share the details of the most significant Aptem updates that went live this month. If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact us at

Power BI

Aptem clients now have more detailed insight, seamless compliance and greater control over their apprenticeship delivery with four Power BI dashboards:

  • Compliance Dashboard – live
  • Caseload Dashboard – live
  • Ofsted / Quality Dashboard – live
  • Financial Dashboard – live

Read our news post for more information on the four Power BI dashboards.

Tracker in OData

With this update, Tracker information put into Aptem will be pulled into the API feed. This means you can report on Tracker events within Aptem’s user generic reports – you do not need any additional software. You can use the OData feed to connect to data visualisation tools such as Power BI.

An example of how this can benefit you is reporting on how many Trackers are open or closed helping to boost operational efficiency.

Multiple SSO SAML identify providers per tenant

This allows single sign on where a consortium of providers is working from a single tenant.

Review Manager: Behaviours’, ‘Maths’ and ‘English’ added to core topics

In Review Manager, the core topics list has been enhanced with more categories giving you more points of discussion when completing your reviews with learners.

Filter ILR batches automatically

This time of year, providers run two ILR batches – a catchup for last year (only including learners that ended their programme) and a batch for the start of the current academic year.

This Aptem update excludes any records that ended in the previous academic year and will not be carried into the new academic year’s batch.

Compliance documents can be deleted by ILR QA permission only

Only administrators with the ILR QA permission can delete compliance documents from Aptem providing you with greater customisation over your Aptem administrator roles.

Webhook for jobs / job applications API

This update allows job boards to talk to Aptem and vice versa. If you’ve created opportunities and jobs in Aptem you can push them to job boards and have applications fed back into Aptem.

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