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Aptem users enjoy new functionality


The Aptem development team have been busy creating new functionality to better support organisations with their apprenticeship delivery. Here are details of new functionality that we released in December.

QAR Report

Providers, universities and colleges are finding the new QAR Reporting feature incredibly valuable, as it helps you predict what your QAR rating will be. Aptem measures your overall QAR, timely completions, dropouts and retention. You are able to monitor against programmes, case owners, employers, standards and groups.

Review Manager: Signatures

We have added electronic signatures to Aptem’s customisable reviews. Once reviews are completed, they can be signed off by provider, employer and learner. The tile for review signatures will not show unless the module is enabled in Programme Manager.

New Generic Report fields in ILR Group

We have added more fields to Aptem’s Generic Report, providing you with greater access to your data. The recently added fields include Funding Model and Eligibility for Enhanced Funding. We have also added the option to include Learning Plan Component due dates and Functional Skills.

New ILR Template

Dynamic ILR Template will reflect the data that you choose to collect and will include your logo. While the old ILR template was essentially a copy of a paper form, our new dynamic template will include whichever sections you’d like to add in and exclude any sections you’d like to remove.

For more information on any of Aptem’s developments, please contact us at

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