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Aptem updates for October 2019


We are pleased to share the details of the most significant Aptem updates that went live this month. If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact us at

Internal verification / IQA planning

Components can be marked in advance for IV verification and verification plans synchronised to multiple learners. Verification progress can then be measured and reported.

Verification workflow

A new assessments screen allows the internal verifier to see outstanding components which are complete and marked for verification.

“Episode” information added to reporting functions
Episode (Period Of Training) data has now been added to the User Generic Reports function and the Odata feed used to connect Power BI desktop application to live Aptem data. This allows you to report on episode information where a learner has previously undertaken a programme(s) of learning.

Mass programme enrolment feature
It is now possible to mass enrol users to a programme directly from the “Users group profile” in the programmes tile. Clicking on “enrol users” will open a dialog box allowing you to specify the programme and start date before selecting users to be enrolled from a pre-filtered list of users (based on group restrictions). This will make mass enrolments more efficient.

Compliance document name feature
When adding compliance documents a number of suggested document names are now present via a drop-down menu. Previously used names will be appended to the drop-down list to help ensure consistency across programmes and reduce naming discrepancies.

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