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Aptem updates for March 2020


We are pleased to share the details of the most significant Aptem updates that went live this month. If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact us at

“Send message” from a Learner Profile and the User Overview Tile

The pre-populated text has now been removed to speed up sending a message to a learner or group of learners. All messages are sent via the Collaboration Centre so the option to have an email or system message has also been removed.

Organisations and Contacts

Setting up a new contact in an Organisation – we have changed this so that their role can be allocated when setting the contact up. Previously, the contact had to be saved and then edited.

Any documents uploaded by the provider in an Organisation profile can now be made visible to employer log ins.

Learning Plans

We have added a new evidence status – “Referred”. This is visible to a learner and will indicate that a piece of evidence or work they have completed and submitted has been returned to them to re-attempt.

Learning plan component progress is now calculated in accordance with the timeline laid out in the learning plan. Learners with outstanding and incomplete components can no longer be shown as on time.

Compliance Documents and Reviews in a Programme

We have added an option to allow any compliance documents to be visible to any combination of employers, providers, referrers and learners. Previously, documents were only visible if the users had to sign them.

We have added a new template for apprenticeship agreements between employers and their learners, in order to comply with the ESFA requirement for information to be available as a separate document and not in the commitment statement.


We have added two helpful messages which will appear when you complete a review. If the review has been set up with mandatory sections, you will see a warning message detailing any that are incomplete. You can then either save as a draft or cancel to go back and complete the listed sections. If there are non-mandatory sections, you will be given the option to mark them as complete without entering any further data by clicking “Complete”.

Users Generic Report

The “Country of Birth” onboarding question is now reportable on the Users Generic Report.

New Learner Console

The Beta version of the new learner console with enhanced user interface is now available to all training providers; please contact Client Support if you wish to use it. Once this has been activated for your account, you can then choose to make this available to an individual or to all learners by accessing the Learner Profile and clicking on edit user details.

Watch this short video for more information about Aptem’s New Learner Console.

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