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Aptem updates for January 2020


We are pleased to share the details of the most significant Aptem updates that went live this month. If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact us at


Administrators that have been assigned Supervisor access can now delete reviews that have been made in error. The character capacity of text boxes in reviews has been doubled.

ILR destination and OData

This can now be recorded on a learner’s ILR in the Learner Destination and Progress section. You can record start and end date and when any related certificates have been collected.


We have now added the ability to set the level at which someone is reported as “slightly late” at account programme level. This will allow you to more effectively monitor learner progress.

Signatures tile

Any documents that are available for administrators to sign (where all the prerequisite signatures have been gathered) will now appear as red in the listed documents. This will make completing documents timelier and more efficient.

Planned hours

Planned hours calculated from the ILR contracted hours value are now presented on the commitment statement and the value automatically returned in the ILR batch file return.

Apprenticeship Training Agencies

There is now an option to associate multiple employers with a single employer login. This will enable using Aptem with ATA organisations.

Learning Plans (Administrator View)

We have added the ability to search for components linked to specific criteria at any level of the Qualification or Standard hierarchy.

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