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Aptem updates for October 2020


Enabling remote delivery has always been a core principle that underpins everything we develop at Aptem and it has become significantly more important over the past year. As we head in to Q4 of 2020, we see no sign of this changing and so we have been working hard to enhance the experience of virtual engagements for learners and at the same time increasing the flexibility that ensures you can deliver your operating model in the best possible way. To that end, we are pleased to announce that the Aptem Development Team pushed lived October’s update which included the new Aptem Employ Dashboard and a number of major enhancements to our onboarding process.

Enhancements to onboarding

Too often, software compels organisations to work in the way the platform was designed rather than in the way that they would prefer to operate. Many providers have their own unique operating model which contributes towards their competitive advantage. This is why Aptem believes it is essential for providers to deliver their operating model in their own way, without having to conform.

Add engaging content including images, files and videos

Increasingly, more enrolments are taking place remotely. Knowing this, we have added some options to help make that first introduction for an applicant or learner much more exciting and engaging.

We have updated the Text Step in the Onboarding Wizard so that providers now have a lot more flexibility over the formatting. This includes the ability to display images, embed videos and include links to other websites or to downloadable files.

Custom file upload questions

Within a Custom Questionnaire step of an Onboarding Wizard, it is now possible to ask users to upload a file against a question. This is particularly helpful if providers want to capture documents or evidence such as a CV. It is also possible to add multiple file upload questions within a single custom form and control whether these are optional or mandatory.

Structure questions with sub-headings and descriptions

To help an applicant or learner understand and complete custom form information, we have added the ability for providers to structure their forms within the Onboarding Wizard by adding subheadings. Providers can also add a text description below these sub-headings to provide a descriptive introduction to that part of the form.

Add multiple custom form steps into a single onboarding wizard

Aptem clients each have their own unique process for onboarding and enrolling users. To help them follow their operating model, we have extended the use of custom forms. Providers can now add as many custom forms to a single Onboarding Wizard as they like. This allows them to break down the information captured into manageable sets for the user to understand and populate, avoiding the need for an excessively large form. This is an extremely practical addition that greatly improves the user experience for onboarding and enrolment.

Define custom step labels

Aptem clients typically follow their own process for onboarding and enrolling users and, in many cases, this involves using their own terminology. To help align the onboarding process to their own flow, we have updated the Onboarding Wizard so that they can configure the name of each step with their own custom term.

Review custom forms directly within a review

With the new increased flexibility within the Onboarding Wizard, we realised it would be useful to simplify surfacing that information in a review. For this reason, we have added the option within a review step for providers to select to surface the results of a custom form. They can then view it without having to leave a review section.

New Employ Dashboard

The Aptem Employ Dashboard is designed to be used by anyone involved in supporting jobseekers to find employment. Displaying comprehensive jobseeker information and powerful analytics in a single dashboard, it provides real-time insights into the activity of jobseekers and those involved in supporting them.

Further information:

Who has the Aptem Employ dashboard been designed for?

The Aptem Employ dashboard has been designed to be used by anyone in the business who may be involved in supporting jobseekers to find employment. Typical users of the Aptem Employ Dashboard include many key business roles, including:

  • Job/career coaches
  • Senior managers
  • Stakeholders

What information does the Aptem Employ Dashboard contain?

The Aptem Employ Dashboard has been created to provide jobseeker and job coach related information based on the data currently held within your Aptem Employ platform. The Dashboard provides jobseeker and job coach information broken down into the following sections:

  • Onboarding
  • Caseload
  • Jobseeker contacts
  • Jobseeker activity
  • Starts

Offset an ILR start date in an ILR Template

In some cases, providers may want to run a programme where a component aim is not planned to start on the same date as the overall start date. For example, this might be where the Functional Skills are intended to start in the second month or where qualifications are staggered. Rather than having to update this manually, we have added this capability into an ILR Template, so providers have finer control over the resulting ILR without additional effort.

UVAC 20/21 Commitment Statement

We have an updated version of the UVAC Commitment Statement which is designed to more closely align with the latest funding rules and GDPR.

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