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Aptem updates for June 2020


We are having some beautiful weather lately, and we hope you are all able to enjoy it safely. Our team has been active this month implementing ways to improve the Aptem user experience.

Here’s what we are pushing live in June 2020.

Get your review data in a CSV file

It is useful to be able to see review data in a downloadable copy so you can analyse text-based answers. We have therefore added the ability to export and download a CSV file of all the data contained in reviews.

Learners can upload functional skills exemptions evidence

We all know onboarding takes a lot of administrative time.

Now, the learner will be able to upload functional skills certificates during the onboarding process, removing the requirement for administrators to manage the collation of functional skills exemption evidence.

Since the learner does not have to find ways to pass evidence to administrators, this update also enhances remote onboarding functionality.

ILR batch file accuracy

It is critical that ILR batch files are accurate.

To avoid inadvertently submitting batch files without the intended number of learner records, administrators will now get a visual message to show the actual number of learners included in the file.

Improve remote communication through Aptem

Especially whilst we are all working and learning remotely, it is important to be able to tailor messages to selected cohorts of students, the membership of which may change over time or with specific tasks. Previously, messages sent through Aptem would either be to individuals or to entire groups. Now, administrators can send messages to pre-selected groups of learners.

Enhancing granular compliance reporting

We’re always looking to improve our compliance functionality.

We’ve added new fields in the user generic report to reflect the original start date when learners return from a break, providing more granular compliance reporting.

Submission date in outstanding assessments and approvals

A key part of learner management is the timely submission of assessments and approvals.

We have added the submission date to the outstanding assessments and outstanding approvals grids, allowing tutors and IVs to prioritise approvals and verifications based on submission date order.

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