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Aptem updates for February 2020


We are pleased to share the details of the most significant Aptem updates that went live this month. If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact us at

Compliance document QA

We have created an additional role which will allow an administrator to quality assure their available compliance documents, enabling greater control over important data. This will be available to add to existing or new administrators. It can be enabled by editing the administrator’s details.

Trainee assessor

This is a new option which can be chosen for administrator accounts. This allows qualified tutors to be able to approve comments and assessments made by new or trainee staff before they are submitted to a learner. It will be available as an option when creating an administrator account.

Employer assessor

This allows clients to enable assessor rights for employer accounts and is used when learner evidence or submitted work must be assessed by the employer. This will be available when creating an employer account.

Extra control for Quality Assessed ILRs

This will prevent editing of the Extended ILR form when the main ILR document has been quality assessed.

ILR controls

We have modified the controls for setting up ILRs. The default is now “Create Only” which means any amendment made to the ILR template will only affect learners put on the programme after the change is made. There is also a “Maintain” option which allows changes to the template to be applied to the ILRs of existing learners on your programmes. If you wish to switch to “Maintain”, please contact support on and we can set this up for you. This can be changed back to “Create Only” if required.

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