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Aptem updates for April 2020


We are pleased to share the details of the most significant Aptem updates that went live this month. If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact us at

Order custom lists (fields, documents) in programmes

We have added the ability to control the display order of both custom fields and documents at programme level, on user forms or organisation forms.

Last Submit in components OData

The date of last submitted pieces of work has been added to the OData feed. This will improve compliance reporting.

Compliance OData date signed by learner/fully signed

Learner Signed and Fully Signed fields have been added to the OData feed.

Aim restart button (prepopulate)

We have added an option where the system will pre-populate information into the restart aim when a learner returns from a break.

CRM activity OData feed

We have introduced a new OData data set to help track CRM activity.

  • Id (taskId)
  • AdminId (task userid)
  • AdminName (full name)
  • Date
  • StartTime (hh:mm)
  • EndTime (hh:mm)
  • Type
  • IsCompleted
  • OrganizationId
  • OrganizationName (name)
  • ContactId
  • ContactName (full name)
  • Comments

Excluding ILRs from a batch file

This option is now only available to administrators with ILR QA privileges.

Fundmodel, Progtype, Episode status filters on ILR batch

We have added these additional options for creating filtered batch files.

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