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An all-in-one solution.

We’ve combined all the tools you need into one, easy-to-use  interface. Watch the video on our new AA accessible interface with personalised consoles by user-type. A complete solution to enhance your apprenticeships and vocational training. Everything in one place, packed with powerful features.

Employer CRM & Recruitment

Take control of your employer and recruitment activity.

Aptem Apprentice’s CRM has a rich suite of apprenticeship and vocational training features. With seamless data exchange between recruitment, onboarding and compliance, it eliminates repetitive data entry, improves accuracy and saves valuable time.

Paperless Onboarding & Compliance

An uncluttered approach to apprenticeships, simplifying compliance. 

Aptem Apprentice handles onboarding without the headache of endless paperwork and chasing manual signatures. Thanks to its built-in Ofsted and ESFA compliant modules, you’ll never need to worry about keeping within the regulations.

Learning Management

Personalised and blended learning.

Create personalised learning journeys with multimedia content including video, reading material and audio. Bring learners together in virtual classrooms that make training and interaction available to anyone, wherever they are. 

Apprentice Management & Reviews

Communicate freely with learners and help them get ahead.

Aptem Apprentice helps you stay close to your apprentices, making sure they are supported and engaged. All the paperwork is electronic and integrated features help you interact to ensure deadlines are never missed.

Integrated ePortfolio

Learning combined effortlessly with ePortfolio to simplify evidence collection.

Apprenticeships have an increasing volume of learning delivery, especially with Standards. Aptem Apprentice combines learning delivery with ePortfolio, so evidence can be viewed as part of a learning plan.

Progress Tracking

Stay on top of Standards.

Aptem Apprentice tackles Standards, so you can deliver a complete range of programmes without breaking sweat.


Upload your claim directly to the ESFA Hub.

Across the full range of ESFA contracts, Aptem Apprentice keeps your Individual Learner Records (ILRs) data ready to make a funding claim. In seconds you can generate a fully compliant batch report at the click of a mouse, and upload it straight into the ESFA Hub or import into your funding management software.

Reporting & Data Analytics

All your apprenticeship data at your fingertips, with all the insights you need.

Aptem Apprentice brings all your data together in one place, without the tedium of reconciling lots of separate systems. From keeping everyone on track, to maintaining quality control and individual performance, its predictive analysis tools make spotting problems and fine tuning your programmes a snap.

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