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Aptem updates for May 2020


We may all be in lockdown, but our team has been busy this month with several new features that will make your life easier.

Apprenticeship journeys all in one place

Our learner consoles have proved to be a hit with learners, making it easier for them to do their learning all in one place. We’re now adding onboarding and documents to the consoles, meaning everything they need to get started will now also be available through their consoles. This brings to an end the beta phase and means that the learner console is ready for use by all clients.

API integration with Skills Forward

Skills Forward is one of the UK’s biggest providers of functional skills assessment and training. We’re adding an API to allow Skills Forward initial assessments to be completed directly from the Aptem interface, improving convenience and saving you time. This now means that Aptem now has both BKSB and Skills Forward integrations.

Improving learner engagement

One of the challenges of learner engagement is getting students to read their assessment feedback. We’re adding a new Learning Plan component flag when submitted evidence is sent back to the learner.

Aligning progress to learner reviews

To make it easier to see how learners are progressing after review, learner progress charts will be included in the review documents created after every review that has a Learning Progress element.

Keeping in touch

Zoom has proved to be a critical learning tool during the lockdown. We’ve enhancing your Zoom functionality with automatic saving of recordings and one-to-one sessions for meetings and reviews.

Employer empowerment

We’re always looking for ways to give apprenticeship stakeholders more control. Employer assessors will be able to add components to a learning plan. These enhancements will go live throughout May. Aptem clients will receive an email notification when they are ready to go.

If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact us at

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