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Welcoming We Are Digital to Aptem Skills

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We Are Digital recently entered the world of ESFA funded programmes. They were looking for a system to help them deliver high quality employability programmes whilst efficiently managing compliance. Here’s why they chose Aptem.

About We Are Digital

We Are Digital is a social-impact-driven company delivering positive and practical solutions to break down the barriers of exclusion. More than 12.6 million people in the UK lack essential digital skills, the highest proportion of whom are the poorest, most vulnerable people in our society.

40% of UK adults are identified as not in control of their finances and “living on the financial edge”. In the UK 11.5 million adults have less than £100 in savings.

We Are Digital help bridge this divide through digital and financial training to housing associations, local authorities’ corporates, and central and local government. They have a nationwide network of outreach trainers and delivery partners, co-ordinated from their customer contact centre at head office in the Midlands. They provide the right intervention, in the right place, at the right time.

We Are Digital have a reputation for high-quality, personal training, both in-home and delivered locally in community locations. They have already provided support to over 100 clients, including running national and regional programmes using a “managing agent” model.

Why Aptem Skills?

Commenting on why Aptem Skills was selected, Lewis Small, Project Manager at We Are Digital said:

The economic fallout from the coronavirus has taken the UK into uncharted territory. An expected increase in unemployment levels will particularly hit those who have recently left full time education. We Are Digital believes it is critical to support those young job seekers and provide them with the requisite skills in their chosen fields. So, we have decided to step into the world of ESFA and deliver our services throughout the UK.

Whilst investigating the market requirement, it became clear that Aptem was a standout candidate in terms of bringing it all together and reducing the administration burden. They truly understood our position and needs as a new entrant to the market. We look forward to a productive partnership supporting our younger generation during these unprecedented times.

Our team are excited to be working with Aptem as we step into the world of ESFA on our journey of world domination. We are confident Aptem Skills will help us deal with some of the challenges of working with government funded programmes.”

Find out more

For more information about Aptem Skills, our award-winning all-in-one platform that delivers skills training and job search click here.

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