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Aptem updates for November 2020

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November sees us continue to focus on improving the platform to support virtual management and delivery whilst increasing flexibility so you can deliver your operating model in the best possible way. To that end, we are pleased to include two significant upgrades in Aptem’s November update – the introduction of Multi-Factor Authentication and the release of the Employer Console.

Employer Console

We are excited to announce the release of our official version of the Employer Console. All clients can make use of this feature by selecting the option when creating or updating an Employer Login. Whilst we plan to add even more new functionality and enhance the current functionality of the Employer Console, we believe it offers everything your employers need to be fully engaged in the learner journey.

Key features for employers include:

View learner progress
Employers can log into the platform to see the status and progress of learners. This will include how a learner is progressing against their Learning Plan, Qualifications, Functional Skills and Off-The-Job Hours plus viewing the Skills Radar to see the progress they have made against Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours.

Sign compliance documents and reviews
Employers can review and sign any documents that require approval. These documents can include an Apprenticeship Agreement, Commitment Statement and any reviews that you define they need to sign upon completion.

Send and receive messages
A key part of ensuring active employer engagement is communication. Aptem has made all the powerful capabilities of the Collaboration Centre available to employers. This helps to engage with both learners and tutors within the platform. This ensures that all related communications are tracked, auditable and easily available if required, for example to demonstrate to Ofsted.

Multi-factor authentication

Maintaining high levels of digital security protects your business and the people whose data you put into Aptem. That is why we have introduced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

About MFA

MFA is considered one of the most efficient ways of providing improved security. MFA requires a user to enter a code using the Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator apps after they have entered their username and password.

The multiple factors ensure that users demanding access are who they claim to be. Even if cybercriminals steal one credential, they will be forced to verify identities in another way.

MFA in Aptem

Aptem has implemented MFA in an easy-to-use approach. We offer flexibility in how you adopt its use across your organisation and customers.

Firstly, we allow for you to configure your usage so that all internal users are required to provide a second factor of authentication. Secondly, you can configure for external users to use MFA by adopting two different approaches. The options are to require all learners to use MFA or be able to set this for all learners and employers linked to an employer record.

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