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Tutor Dashboard

Track your learners’ progress at a glance.

Explore the tutor dashboard

Learner Profile

Tutor learner profile 05.10.21
The first card shows the name of the learner, their employer, manager, and mentor. You have the option to view the learner’s profile from here.

Learning Plan Activities

Learning Plan Activites
Breakdown of activities highlighting – completed, submitted, remaining, and target. These help to ascertain whether a learner needs prompting.


Timeline indicator displays the learner's current stage in the programme to assess progress with milestone dates such as Gateway and end-point assessment (EPA).

Upcoming Review

Upcoming review
Highlights upcoming reviews which can be navigated by clicking start.

Off-the-job Hours

View a breakdown of OTJ hours with forecast displaying the sum of completed OTJ hours and all future planned OTJ hours. Each learner is given a current RAG status to quickly identify whether the learner is on track, at risk of falling behind, and those that have fallen behind.

Requires Attention

Require Attention
The Require Attention area highlights areas for tutors to focus on, with the ability to interact with the text buttons to navigate to the relevant pages.


If a learner is enrolled on multiple programmes, you can track the progress of each programme with flags indicating areas for concern.

Skills Radar Report

Test 3 Tutor Skills Radar Report 270921
The Skills Radar Report indicates the learner's skills, competencies, and progression over time through a scoring system numbered 0-10.

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