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Aptem Apprentice is a complete end-to-end apprenticeship and vocational training delivery platform.

Award-winning quality


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Everything in one place. Online.

We’ve combined all the features you need into one, easy-to-use interface. From deep insights to ongoing improvements, Aptem Apprentice will revolutionise the way you deliver your training.

Employer CRM & Recruitment

Seamless data exchange between recruitment, onboarding and compliance.
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Paperless Onboarding & Compliance

Onboarding without the headaches from endless paperwork and chasing manual signatures.
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Create personalised learning journeys. Accessible, engaging content for both computers and mobile devices.
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Apprentice Management

Communicate freely with learners and help them get ahead, making sure they are supported and engaged.
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Learning combined effortlessly with ePortfolio to simplify evidence collection.
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Aptem Apprentice monitors everything that matters, from timely learning progress to off-the-job hours.
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Generate a fully compliant batch report, and upload it straight into the ESFA Hub.
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Reporting & Data Analytics

All your data together in one place, with powerful insights with integrated Power BI. Pinpoint trouble areas before they arise.
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Designed to make your job easier.

Aptem Apprentice is a complete end-to-end apprentice delivery platform. We are helping numerous providers across the UK to improve their delivery and we can help you too.

Training Providers
Employer Providers

Our award-winning platform is trusted by training providers, universities, colleges, employer providers, and thousands of users across the UK:-

Aptem Reporting

Aptem Apprentice has Integrated Power BI dashboards to give a visual, real-time snapshot across a range of areas, including compliance, caseload, Ofsted/quality and financial dashboards. This unparalleled analytics capability allows you to see the big picture. Aptem can also integrate any reporting system you already use.

Aptem Intelligence Dashboard

Synonymous with Aptem’s data driven approach, the Aptem Intelligence Dashboard turns ESFA apprenticeship reporting data into useful, digestible reports, using Power BI.

It is a repository of sector expertise allowing Apprenticeship providers to view competitive market positions, identify opportunities, and make data-driven strategic decisions. It is available for everyone to use.

Learner perspective

Want to see our platform from a learner perspective?


Aptem eLearning – courses and content for Apprenticeships:
Enjoy high quality blended learning mapped to the Standard and fully integrated and ready to deliver from within Aptem Apprentice.

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